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10 Games Like the Dead Space Remake If You’re Looking for Something Similar


10 Games Like the Dead Space Remake If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Yes, I’m interested in further opportunities for death.

The Dead Space remake has finally arrived, and fans simply can’t get enough of the fears and frights that make up the game’s terrifying setting. But what if you’ve already demolished the main campaign? Or maybe you don’t have a next-gen console or PC to run it? Never fear (or in this case, do), we’ve got 10 games like the Dead Space remake for anyone looking for a similar experience.

Alan Wake

alan wake game pass
Image Source: Remedy Entertainment

While it may not take place in space amidst a terrifying spaceship full of alien zombies, Alan Wake is still plenty spooky enough to scratch that horror or survival itch that Dead Space remake fans likely crave. The game follows the titular character Alan Wake, a best-selling thriller novelist who is trying to solve the mystery behind his wife’s disappearance.

Even though this may sound like a pretty typical approach to a mystery game, the gameplay loop and enemies add an entirely different dynamic to the thrills. Armed with only a pistol and a flashlight, Alan must navigate the shadows of Bright Falls, illuminating his ghost-like enemies in order to do any damage whatsoever.

This results in a satisfying and unique approach to gameplay, as your flashlight ends up being even more important than your gun. If you love horror and haven’t played Alan Wake yet, you really don’t know what you’re missing.

Alien: Isolation

Image Source: Creative Assembly

Loved the part of Dead Space remake where you’re trapped aboard a spaceship with monsters but just felt like there was something missing? Are you the kind of weirdo that thinks “this would be way more exciting if I couldn’t fight the enemy and had to hide from them while they stalked me?” Well, that’s pretty much Alien: Isolation.

Alien: Isolation is very similar to the subject matter of the movies and books, even going as far as to have you play Amanda Ripley, the daughter of the star of the series, Ellen Ripley. With limited defensive options at your disposal, the gameplay loop is all based on surviving, as you must avoid the Xenomorph that stalks your every move while solving puzzles that help you progress.


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Image Source: 2K Boston, 2K Australia and 2K Games

Would you kindly recommend me more games like the Dead Space remake? If that is your question, then Bioshock is going to be right up your alley.

There’s honestly few games out there that can rival the intrigue and atmosphere of Dead Space, but BioShock is definitely one of them. In this game, players are transported to the Utopia known as Rapture. During its heyday, this underwater locale was a beacon of prosperity and wealth, as it boasted wonderful marvels and innovation humanity had only dreamed of up until this point.

Unfortunately, the game takes place shortly after the fall of Rapture, which is now overrun by terrifying mutants (splicers), massive Scubasuit guardians, and evil megalomaniacs. Using your powers, known as Tonics, it’s up to you to make your way out of the city in the hopes of reaching the surface.


Control Key Art Press Kit
Image Source: Remedy Entertainment

Control might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but its heavy emphasis on obscure sci-fi and a unique gameplay loop is something that Dead Space remake fans will likely vibe with. In this 2019 title by 505 Games, you play as Jesse Faden, a woman that’s come to the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC)’s headquarters in order to locate her brother.

Instead of finding her sibling, though, she arrives at a building known as the Oldest House. Not only does it defy the laws of physics by constantly shifting in and out of a mystical realm, but also houses supernatural beings called Hiss that look to do anyone that crosses their path harm. After getting kinetic-like powers of her own, it’s up to Jesse to figure out just what the heck is going on at the FBC.

Dead Space 1-3

Dead Space Remake Proves Dead Space 3 Needs a Re-Do to Make the Series Whole
Image Source: EA

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “why would I go back and play the older Dead Space games when the remake is so much more modern and good?” Well, alongside the fact that the second and third games haven’t been remade yet, it is also important to realize that there’s a lot of differences between the original and the remake.

In going back and playing Dead Space 1-3 again, you’ll be able to pick up on how much has changed, as well as speculate on what alterations could be made to the sequels if they ever get a remake, too. More than anything, though, more Dead Space is never going to be a bad thing…even if it means dealing with a love triangle storyline in the third title.

Metro Exodus

Image Source: Deep Silver

If there is one thing scarier than being stuck in space fighting mutants, it might just being having to live underground amidst a world overrun by both creatures and deadly radioactive air. That, in a nutshell, is what you get with Metro Exodus.

The third — and most recent — installment in the Metro series, Exodus is a story-driven FPS that blends deadly combat and stealth with exploration and survival horror, set in a post-apocalyptic world. Resource management and keeping track of your surroundings is vital, as you’ll need to scavenge for gas masks, ammo, and health in order to stay alive.

Anyone who thrives on the tension of simply trying to survive a terrifying situation will love Metro Exodus.

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 Ps5
Image Source: Capcom

If you’re a survival horror fan, or just a fan of great action-shooters in general, you owe it to yourself to play Resident Evil 4. Despite being released almost two decades ago, this title still stands the test of time as one of the greatest video games ever made.

Similarly to the Dead Space remake, Resident Evil 4 is also getting its own brand-spanking new remake in a few months, so what better way to prepare yourself for it than by playing the original for the first time? That way, you’ll be able to truly appreciate all of the changes and improvements that are going to be added in when the Resident Evil 4 remake arrives in March.

The Callisto Protocol

Image Source: Striking Distance Studios

Let’s face it, The Callisto Protocol really shot itself in the foot by releasing right next to Dead Space, as the comparisons between the two were always going to happen due to just how similar they look and feel. Still, despite the fact that it comes off as a lesser version of Motive Studio’s remake, there’s definitely still something there for horror fans.

Anyone that is looking for more gore, jump-scares, and a terrifying ambiance similar to the Dead Space remake will feel right at home while playing The Callisto Protocol. Jacob Lee’s story of having to escape a prison ship trapped in space, filled with monsters is a very similar story to that of Issac Clarke’s own journey among the USG Ishimura, so there’s also that overlap.

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