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Do Trees Regrow in Sons of the Forest? Answered

Do Trees Regrow in Sons of the Forest? Answered

Do Trees Regrow in Sons of the Forest? Answered

There’s no Lorax speaking for these trees.

Trees are an integral part of the gameplay of Sons of the Forest. They’re used for obtaining wood to craft a variety of objects and tools, including walls to keep your camp safe and firewood that you can burn to maintain a source of warmth and light. There are only so many trees in the game’s wooded terrain though, and if you’re like most players, you’ve been left wondering: Do trees grow back in Sons of the Forest?

Fortunately, we’ve got an answer for you.

Do Trees Grow Back in Sons of the Forest? Answered

The good news is that trees do grow back in Sons of the Forest. However, there are some catches that you need to be aware of.

For starters, trees won’t grow back in exactly the same place where you cut them down. Instead, new saplings will appear and start to grow around them, reaching their full size after a certain amount of time has passed. You can make time pass by playing the game normally and allowing the title’s day and night cycles to trigger a few times.

This in turn means that trees will never grow back from the stumps of trees that you’ve already cut down. As such, we’d highly recommend dismantling stumps with an Axe in order to further clear out the area and provide more room for saplings to grow.

What’s the Best Place to Cut Down and Regrow Trees?

With these factors in mind, there are certain areas that are best for cutting down trees so that they’ll regrow quickly in Sons of the Forest.

In general, you’ll want to prioritize cutting down trees and clearing away their stumps in heavily wooded areas. Doing so will ensure that the highest number of saplings possible begin to regrow quickly, and that they’ll stay concentrated in a singular location for you to return to when you need more wood. There are several locations in the game that fit this description, so take your pick and set to creating a renewable source of resources for your playthrough.

That’s everything we have to share regarding whether or not trees regrow in Sons of the Forest. For more on the game, we’ve got a wide array of related articles you can peruse down below.

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