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Destiny 2 Cascade Point: What the Perk Does & How to Use It

Destiny 2 Lightfall
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Destiny 2 Cascade Point: What the Perk Does & How to Use It

So that’s what it does!

It’s no secret that Destiny 2 has a lot of perks that players need to memorize. It also doesn’t help that new perks are constantly being added each season. One such example is Cascade Point, which has gotten some attention lately, and some players want to know how it works precisely. So today, let’s discuss what Cascade Point does & how to use it in Destiny 2.

What Does Cascade Point Do In Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Grenade Launcher
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For the short and sweet answer, the Cascade Point perk states: “Final blows or sustained precision hits with another weapon increase this weapon’s rate of fire for a short duration.” Essentially, this perk is meant to help with DPS in some shape or fashion with a given weapon archetype. Specifically, you’ll want this on power ammo weapons like Grenade Launchers or Machine Guns.

For a Machine Gun, increasing the rate of fire is exactly what it sounds like, as it makes the gun shoot faster. This can be highly worthwhile on some guns, but in particular, this could work well with Grenade Launchers. Grenade Launchers have a slight delay between shooting each Grenade, but with Cascade Point active, this delay is dramatically shortened, allowing you to use the gun in a “rapid-fire” state.

How To Use Cascade Point In Destiny 2

Now that we know how the perk works, it’s time to discuss how to properly “use” it effectively. If you’re utilizing a Grenade Launcher with Cascade Point, then you’ll want to ensure you can increase its rate of fire by either getting final blows or precision hits with another weapon.

In this situation, precision hits with a sniper rifle will be good here since Cascade Point will mainly be used for DPS purposes. Land the precision hits with the sniper rifle, then swap to your Grenade Launcher, or other weapon with Cascade Point, and the weapon will have its rate of fire increased, ready to mow down any boss in front of them.

That’s everything you need to know about what Cascade Point does & how to use it in Destiny 2. Be sure to check out our latest Destiny 2 guides, like whether or not the Lightfall Annual Pass is worth it, and more below.

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