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Hogwarts Legacy: The Centaur and the Stone Quest Guide

What is the Boarded Door in Hogsmeade used for in Hogwarts Legacy?
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Hogwarts Legacy: The Centaur and the Stone Quest Guide

Time for a treasure hunt!

Hogwarts Legacy offers numerous interesting side quests for players during their adventure in Hogwarts Castle and the Highlands. Some will see you enter dungeons and solve miscellaneous puzzles with varying difficulties. If you’re having trouble with one of Poppy Sweeting’s side missions, you have come to the right place. Here is the Centaur and the Stone quest guide.

How to Complete the Centaur and the Stone Quest

After you have completed In the Shadow of the Mountain main quest, Poppy will send you a letter asking you to meet her at Irondale. She believes she found the cave Dorran told you about in the Forbidden Forest. Now, the two of you must enter the dungeon and obtain the Moonstone before the poachers claim it.

Here is the step-by-step guide to progress through the Moonstone Garden:

  1. Enter the door to your left.

    You can use offensive spells, like Confringo, to destroy the crumbling door.

    Hogwarts Legacy Moonstone Garden door.

  2. Defeat the Cottongrass Dugbog.

    Hogwarts Legacy Cottongrass Dugbog.

  3. Walk past the second door.

    You can cast Accio or Depulso to open the closed door, and after you enter the next room, you will see a pair of Fwoopers flying past you.

    Hogwarts Legacy Moonstone Garden second door.

  4. Continue walking to the next chamber.

    You will soon find your path blocked by stone bars that you must move using nearby mechanisms. There will be four walls that you can open by pulling the handles with the correct corresponding symbols. Two of them will contain Moths, while the rest will hold some loot.

    Hogwarts Legacy Moonstone Garden Stone Bars.

  5. Obtain the first Moth.

    The first Moth is on the left side of the chamber, behind the wall close to the gate. To open it, you can simply cast Accio on the two handles on the left side of the room.

    Hogwarts Legacy Moonstone Garden First Moth.

  6. Get the second Moth.

    The second Moth is on the right side of the room, behind the wall close to the entrance. You can lower it by pulling on the two handles near the entryway.

    Hogwarts Legacy Moonstone Garden Second Moth.

  7. Place the two Moths in the mechanisms and open the gate.

    Use Lumos to turn the Moths alive and place them into the nearby mechanisms. After that, you can cast Depulso on them repeatedly to move the stone bars.

    Hogwarts Legacy Moonostone Garden Mechanism.

  8. Move the two Moths to the mechanisms in the next chamber.

    You will find another set of mechanisms in the following chamber, and you can safely move the two Moths without the stone bars blocking the way again.

    Hogwarts Legacy Moth Mechanism.

  9. Cast Depulso on the mechanism close to the entrance.

    It will raise a bridge for you.

    Hogwarts Legacy Moonstone Garden Bridge.

  10. Take the bridge and cast Depulso on the second mechanism at the corner of the room.

    It will bring up a pedestal containing the third Moth. You will need to cast Lumos before it sinks again.

    Hogwarts Legacy Moonstone Garden Third Moth.

  11. Place all Moths on the gate.

    Don’t worry. The bridge won’t sink.

    Hogwarts Legacy Moonstone Garden Moth Door.

  12. Defeat the two Dugbogs.

    Hogwarts Legacy Moonstone Garden Dugbogs.

  13. Dive into the whirlpool.

    Hogwarts Legacy Moonstone Garden Diving Spot.

You will resurface into a new area where you can find the Scholar’s Moonstone. After you’ve taken the item, Poppy will ask if you want to leave immediately or stay for a while. You can hang around the Moonstone Garden if you want to find more chests.

Accepting Poppy’s offer will have you travel to the Henge, where you can place the Moonstone and watch a Mooncalf dance. You will also have the chance to hear Poppy talks about her terrible childhood.

So, that’s the end of our guide for the Centaur and the Stone side quest. If you need more help with other missions in Hogwarts Legacy, you check out our articles below.

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