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Best Terraria Summoner Guide

the best summoner build in terraria
Image via Re-Logic

Best Terraria Summoner Guide

What it takes to be the best summoner in Terraria.

Looking to be the best summoner in Terraria? Ever since the class was given some much needed love through buffs and weapons, being a summoner no longer makes you feel like a deadweight. Of course, you’ll still need to put in the work, so here’s the best Terraria summoner guide you’ll ever need.

Best Pre-Hardmode Summoner Build in Terraria

best pre-hardcore summoner build in terraria
Image Source: Re-Logic via Twinfinite
  • Armor Set: Obsidian Armor, Bee Armor
  • Weapon: Spinal Tap Whip, Imp Staff
  • Accessories: Feral Claws, Pygmy Necklace

You can choose between two armor sets: Obsidian or Bee Armor. Out of the two, Obsidian Armor is hands down the best in pre-hardmode Terraria given its superior defense, minion damage, and bonus to whip speed and range. However, Bee Armor is arguably easier to obtain by simply defeating the Queen Bee twice for all the required materials.

As for weapons, you’re only left with two options: Spinal Tap or Imp Staff. The Spinal Tap Whip goes really well with Obsidian Armor whereas the Imp Staff pairs better with Bee Armor. Regardless of your weapon choice, you’ll be running with Feral Claws and the Pygmy Necklace for extra melee attack speed and an extra summon slot.

Best Hardmode Summoner Build in Terraria

best hardcore summoner build in terraria
Image Source: Re-Logic via Twinfinite
  • Armor Set: Stardust Armor, Spooky Armor, Tiki Armor
  • Weapon: Stardust Dragon Staff, Terraprisma, Dark Harvest
  • Accessories: Papyrus Scarab, Necromantic Scroll, Pygmy Necklace

For armor, there’s no contest: Stardust Armor is the best given its superior defense, +5 minion slots, 66% minion damage, and +1 to sentry slots. On top of that, wearing the full set summons the Stardust Guardian, a very powerful and fast minion that doesn’t affect your minion capacity.

Since Stardust Armor is a post-endgame armor set, Spooky Armor is a great backup choice. Accessories are straightforward: Papyrus Scarab for more minion slots, summon weapon damage, and knockback; Necromantic Scroll for more summon weapon damage; and Pygmy Necklace for another minion slot.

The Stardust Dragon Staff is hands down the most consistent on damage, especially paired with Stardust Armor. For raw damage, though, consider the Terraprisma, but keep in mind that it has a really short range. If you prefer to mix in some melee with your summoner build, Dark Harvest from the Pumpkin Moon event is ideal, and a place of interest for one of the best mounts in Terraria.

With that said and done, our best Terraria summon guide comes to an end. Has it convinced you to be a summoner? Let us know in the comments or check out other Terraria guides here at Twinfinite using the links below.

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