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Solar Eclipse Terraria Guide: What Is It & How Do You Get It?

Solar Eclipse Terraria Guide: What Is It & How Do You Get It?
Image via Re-Logic

Solar Eclipse Terraria Guide: What Is It & How Do You Get It?

What a horrible day for a solar eclipse.

Terraria features all sorts of special events, not just a series of biomes to change up the scenery. Many of them can be incredibly tough to deal with, like the terrifying Blood Moon event. There’s one other special event that darkens the skies: a Solar Eclipse event. If you’re a curious individual, here’s what a solar eclipse is in Terraria and how to get it.

Terraria Solar Eclipse Explained

What is a solar eclipse in Terraria?
Image via Re-Logic

As mentioned before, a solar eclipse in Terraria is a special event, causing the moon to pass over the sun and the skies to darken. Unlike a blood moon, a solar eclipse lasts for the entire day, starting at sunrise and ending when the sun sets.

Solar eclipses aren’t for being pretty, but a calling card for very difficult enemies to appear, and in very large numbers. When you see “A solar eclipse is happening,” either prepare for the onslaught or go underground—solar eclipses only apply to the surface.

How Do You Get a Solar Eclipse in Terraria?

If you’re insane enough to want a solar eclipse to happen in Terraria, it’s actually quite straightforward, so long as you’re in Hardmode. Here’s how it works:

  1. Defeat a mechanical boss.

    There are three mechanical bosses in Hardmode: The Destroyer, The Twins, and Skeletron Prime. You only need to defeat one. After that, every day there’s a 5% chance of a solar eclipse happening, which equates to about once every 20 days.

  2. Defeat Plantera.

    To trigger a solar eclipse event yourself, you’ll have to defeat Plantera, which means also defeating all three mechanical bosses first. This will gain you access into the Jungle Temple.

    terraria boss known as plantera

  3. Collect Solar Tablet Fragments.

    With access to the Jungle Temple, Lihzahrd Chests, Lihzahrds, and Flying Snakes can drop Solar Tablet Fragments. You need eight to craft a Solar Tablet, which you can use at any time to start a solar eclipse event.

With that said and done, you’ve everything you need to know about solar eclipses in Terraria, what they are and how to get them started. If you plan on starting one yourself, it’s best to check out all the guides here at Twinfinite in order to prepare. Good luck!

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