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Why Is Thorfinn a Slave in Vinland Saga? Explained

Why Is Thorfinn a Slave in Vinland Saga? Explained

Why Is Thorfinn a Slave in Vinland Saga? Explained

Hitting an all time low.

Season two of Vinland Saga is rapidly approaching, and we have much to discuss. We last left Thorfinn, the show’s main character, being dragged away after witnessing the death of Askeladd, the person whom he devoted his entire life to defeating. However, it seems after being carried away, Thorfinn has become a slave, and people are confused about why he is. So today, let’s answer why Thorfinn has become a slave in Vinland Saga.

Before going any further though, a quick warning: This article will include *Minor Spoilers* for the Ketil Farm arc of the series.

How Did Thorfinn Become a Slave in Vinland Saga? Answered

Why Is Thorfinn a Slave in Vinland Saga? Explained
Image Source: MAPPA via Twinfinite

The short and sweet answer is that Thorfinn has been enslaved due to his attack on Canute due to Canute killing Askeladd in front of him.

While Thorfinn did run away following this attack, he was eventually captured by Canute’s forces. He was then made into a slave instead of being executed outright due to Canute still seeing him as a friend, and has been living in indentured servitude to make amends for attacking the king.

It’s sad to see Thorfinn face a punishment this severe, as he dedicated his whole life to defeating Askeladd only to have it ripped away from him right before his eyes. However, his transition from a young boy full of despair and rage into a brave man repenting for his actions is truly a sight to see, and his stint as a slave is integral to it. With that in mind, we’ll only have to wait a bit longer to see his character arc come to a key point of development.

That’s everything you need to know on why Thorfinn became a slave in Vinland Saga. Be sure to check out our other anime-related content, including our lists of the anime antagonists who aren’t villains and some of the best manga to read if you like Berserk. We also have a decent smattering of articles related to Vinland Saga, which you can peruse down below.

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