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Top 8 Best Anime Antagonists Who Weren’t Actually Villains

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Top 8 Best Anime Antagonists Who Weren’t Actually Villains

Antagonist doesn’t mean villain.

While many antagonists in anime stand in the way of our hero’s goal or journey, that doesn’t necessarily make them all evil. In fact, a lot of characters that start off as villains never had bad intentions, eventually joining or aiding the good guys in the fight.

We’ve put together a list of the best of those foreboding foes that actually turned out not to be so bad after all. Here are the seven best anime antagonists that weren’t actually villains.

***Minor story and character spoilers for the anime below***

Weng Kong – Ping Pong the Animation

Best Anime Antagonists Who Weren’t Actually Villains

From the moment he lands in Japan, Weng Kong has the look and air of a cocky asshole. He knows he is good at ping pong and doesn’t care who gets in his way as long as he wins and accomplishes his goal. 

On the surface, he definetly comes off as antagonistic in his actions because of this mindset, especially given how he looks down on people despite being sent to Japan as punishment for losing. 

After Weng suffers a devastating loss to a dominant local player, his feelings of shame and resentment cause him to reflect on his actions. Eventually, the Chinese transfer learns that there is more than one way to fly, taking a different path that leads him back to where he wants to be. 

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