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Why Are Competitive Valorant Queues Disabled? Answered

valorant competitive queue disabled

Why Are Competitive Valorant Queues Disabled? Answered

How long Valorant servers take to come back online.

Ranked games are at the core of the Valorant experience, and when so naturally, when they’re not available to play, everyone is wondering why the competitive Valorant queue is disabled. Here’s what we know about the issue, which is currently preventing anybody from playing the game’s competitive mode.

Here’s Why Competitive Valorant Queues are Disabled

Valorant’s competitive queues are down as of right now in the U.S, Brazil, and LATAM regions while Riot Games uploads the game’s latest update. If you aren’t up to speed, Patch 6.0 is being rolled out right now, and it’s a big one. There’s a whole new map coming called Lotus, and an old favorite is also returning back to the rotation. We’ve gone over them in the patch notes here; if you would like to read our full review of Lotus then you can do so here.

What Time Valorant Update Is

As always, players aren’t able to queue Competitive while this is occurring. Just so you know for next time, the generic times for each region’s server maintenance during patch deployment are as follows:

Asia Pacific: 14:00 PDT
Brazil: 06:00 PDT
Europe: 20:00 PDT
Korea: 14:00 PDT
Latin America: 06:00 PDT
North America: 06:00 PDT

If you’re wondering what PDT is to your local time, use a converter such as this one. Remember, if you’re in Europe, Asia, or Oceania then the patch deploy will not be until the following day due to time difference.

How Long Is Valorant Server Maintenance? Answered

When it comes to server maintenance for updates, the servers will be down for just a short period of time, no more than three or so hours. Again, though, this latest update is a bit bigger than normal so it could be a little while longer — especially if you do not have an SSD hard drive.

For future reference, in the case of a bug, server maintenance can take longer. When the development team encounters unexpected issues after the launch of a new patch, it could take several hours to fix.

Typically, if you look at the top-left-hand corner of the menu screen when attempting to enter a competitive lobby, you will actually see a reference to whatever the issue is at hand. Riot typically makes note of any issues such as this on its Twitter channel, too, as highlighted above.

That’s everything there is to know about why the competitive Valorant queue is disabled. For more Valorant content, why not read our recent editorial about why deathmatch is somehow worse despite recent changes.

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