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Is The Sims 5 Crossplay? Anwered

Key Art for The Sims 4
Image Source: Maxis Studios

Is The Sims 5 Crossplay? Anwered

Will the Sims series finally get crossplay options?

The Sims franchise first began on PC until it eventually expanded its universe to multiple platforms. However, despite this, the series has never integrated crossplay mechanics that allow players to continue their story on other systems. Yet, a new update could change this aspect of the game with the next installment, and we’ll explain whether or not The Sims 5 has crossplay.

The Sims 5 Crossplay Explained

Based on the announcements at the Behind The Sims Summit, The Sims 5, also known as Project Rene, does have crossplay compatibility. Simmers will able to play the game on their PC and mobile devices, in which they can customize their characters on the go and in the comfort of their home.

During the livestream, Grant Rodiek, Project Rene’s Game Director, explained how The Sims 5 features different mechanics for PC and mobile. For instance, PC users will have a more in-depth system like previous games, including customizing the RGB value on furniture. Then, when you use mobile, you can perform simple interactions, such as making a Sim or placing a design that you’ve previously made on your computer.

Therefore, if a player creates an item or character, they can further detail it once they go on the PC version. Currently, there isn’t much information about other platforms, but Maxis Studios has at least confirmed Project Rene for mobile and PC.

That does it for our guide on The Sims 5 crossplay mechanics. For more content, be sure to explore the relevant links below, including our guide on Project Rene’s multiplayer gameplay.

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