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How to Redeem Preorder & Deluxe Edition DLC Bonus Items in Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake Trophy Data Hints at a New Potential Fate for Isaac
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How to Redeem Preorder & Deluxe Edition DLC Bonus Items in Dead Space Remake

Suit up, Isaac.

Nearly fifteen years after its debut, survival-horror Dead Space is making its triumphant return in the form of a remake. As with any new title hitting shelves, preordering the Dead Space Remake offers a few goodies for fans and new players looking to experience the remake of Isaac’s journey. If you’re one of the many who preordered and are at a crossroads on how to redeem your preorder bonus items, follow along as we run through how to redeem them.

Dead Space Remake Preorder Bonuses

The Dead Space Remake only offers one bonus, and it’s for those who preorder the Steam edition of the title. If you preordered on Steam, you are given a free copy of Dead Space 2, which is automatically added to your Steam library.

Dead Space Remake Deluxe Edition DLC Bonus Skins

The Deluxe Edition of the Dead Space Remake comes with the game, along with a few in-game items:

  • Infested Unique Suit
  • Lone Survivor Suit
  • Venture Suit
  • Sanctified Suit
  • Bloody Suit

These items are solely cosmetic, meaning there’s no extra benefit to them aside from looking stylish while exploring the Ishimura.

How to Redeem Dead Space Remake Digital Deluxe Edition Preorder Bonuses

Thankfully, there’s no code to redeem for the in-game suits. However, you’ll first need to gain access to the game’s storefront, where Isaac is able to purchase upgrades and new items, which happens after a certain amount of playtime. Once you have access to the store:

  • Head over the store and interact with it.
  • Navigate over to the “Storage” tab.
  • Select and equip one of the five cosmetics.

You’re free to switch the cosmetic at any point, as long as you have a store near you. Again, they offer no offer gameplay improvements.

That’s all you need to know about the Dead Space Remake’s preorder bonuses and how to redeem them. For more, here’s a guide explaining the difference between the two graphics modes in the game. And below, you’ll find plenty of content to help you survive your trek through the darkest corners of space!

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