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How To Fix Sprint Bug in Dead Space Remake

How To Fix Sprint Bug in Dead Space Remake
Image Source: EA

How To Fix Sprint Bug in Dead Space Remake

Come on Isaac, please run.

Launch days tend to be rough for new titles, as the general gaming community gets their hands on it and put it to the test. For the most part, the Dead Space Remake has been clean and free of bugs. However, there has been one particularly nagging issue affecting PC players, and that’s the sprint bug. If this is troubling your playthrough of the Dead Space Remakehere’s how to resolve the sprint bug.

Fixing Sprint Bug in Dead Space Remake

The cause of this issue is unknown, yet it’s only effecting PC players using mouse and keyboard, causing them to lose the ability to sprint. What seems to have been working is changing the clear controller settings, which is strange given its a mouse and keyboard issue. With that said, here’s what you need to do to clear it:

  • Head to the Pause menu.
  • Scroll over to Controls/Keybinds.
  • Select Customize.
  • Use the Clear option to remove all of the controller-mapped settings.
    • Some settings can’t be cleared, and that’s okay. Clear as many as you can and save the changes.
  • Save the changes made, and this should fix your problem.

For the time being, this is the best way to deal with this issue until a patch or update comes through to fix the problem.

That’s all you need to know about how to fix the sprint bug in the Dead Space Remake. If this worked for you, leave us a comment so we can raise more awareness to the solution. Check out our related content below for more tips and tricks to help you conquer the monstrosities hidden in space.

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