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Best Brawlhalla Tier List

Image Source: Mammoth Games

Best Brawlhalla Tier List

Pick from the most badass warriors in history!

Brawlhalla is a unique fighting game where each legend plays differently. This results from weapon types, stats, and overall playstyle options. Mastering combos for these legends can be crucial. Some require patience, but it pays off in the end as these can be devastating in combat and really turn the tide of battle. We’ve created an extensive Brawlhalla tier list ranking all its legends, from top-tier contenders to low-level challengers.

S-Tier Brawlhalla Legends

Image Source: Mammoth Games

Those that fall under the S-tier legends are unrivaled in strength and speed. With the current Brawlhalla patch, a few overpowered characters offer an edge for those seeking to dominate. But be warned: these Legends require practice and skill in order to achieve their full potential- definitely worth it though!


Cross, a legendary Valhalla fighter known for his slow and perfectly-timed attacks, uses the Blasters as his primary weapon. It complements his slower but powerful Gauntlets – two gargantuan fighting gloves used to deliver multiple fast strikes—with its quick attack capability, which is ideal for combos and tricks. His superior strength and defense make up for his slower agility and speed, making him a terrifying force on any battlefield.


Jaeyun is a soldier of fortune, adept at battling in Valhalla and wagering on himself. With the Cleaner sword and Finisher greatsword as his weapons, he stands unique among all legends—being both Korean-named and wielding a greatsword for the first time! He offers plenty of high-impact combos combined with strength, speed & dexterity to create an easy character for beginners; one who’s perfectly balanced & primed for success.


Koji is a brave warrior inspired by ronin of Japanese legend. He seeks justice for his murdered father and dojo students, striking down the shogun who wronged him and then battling 3,000 guards on an epic quest to Valhalla. Armed with Yum (bow) and Ancestral Blade (sword), Koji’s greatest strength lies within his speed, making him one of the best characters in any game.


Magyar is a heavy-duty studier, armed with the highest defense stats and seriously dangerous weapons. He won’t let pesky ‘hit & runs’ take him down. He’s still the best tank in town! With his immense resilience and power, Magyar deserves to be at the top spot on every tier list.


Mako leverages her unparalleled mobility to dominate chaotic battles. She excels in 2v2 and large-scale engagements, with blistering sigs that enable surprise attacks from any angle. Harnessing both greatsword and Katar weapons with deadly efficiency, Mako will undoubtedly make an invaluable ally in your pursuit of victory!


Onyx is a powerful legend, unleashing her might with a hefty cannon and metal gauntlets. Her heavy armor resists damage, but skilled opponents will know to out-maneuver Onyx’s lack of agility with speed. Any who faces this titan must prepare for an unstoppable brick wall!


Henry Coates transforms into Sentinel, the greatest superhero in Asgard. Armed with only a grapple hammer and his own crafted Katars (knives), he continues to fight against KABAL’s malicious machinations. Despite lacking impressive strength of dexterity, Sentinel boasts high defense and agility that can swiftly counter any adversary.


Teros the Minotaur is a true survivor! After an adventurous voyage to Peril Mountain, he’s grown from street urchin and gladiator into Brawlhalla’s first axe-wielding fighter. His slow but menacing weapon offers fantastic knockbacks and high damage. Plus, it’s perfect for beginners due to easy spam attacks. Who knows what this brave minotaur will conquer next?


Thor, the God of Thunder, is a legendary figure in Brawlhalla who wields Mjölnir and an orb as weapons. He possesses impressive movement speed amongst characters and boasts unrivaled strength, defense, and agility, making him one to watch out for when battling foes! With special attacks from his hammer offering multiple ways to defeat opponents, Thor is ready to take on all challengers with devastating combos.

Wu Shang 

Wu Shang is a renowned monk and master martial artist whose tactical prowess in combat has made him legendary. His signature moves are lightning-quick, capable of spinning even the fastest legends into submission with dizzying force. Wu Shang’s spear can be used diligently to bring swift victory; its quick combos deal devastating amounts of damage that leave opponents helpless against his superior skillset.

A-Tier Brawlhalla Legends

Image Source: Mammoth Games

A-tier legends are among the best in Brawlhalla, and they also perform admirably in the other game types (1vs1, 2vs2, etc). As a result of their stat allocations, which put more emphasis on three of the four major statistics, they give players a broad variety of options for how to play the game. Because of this, they are perfect for use in every circumstance, provided that you are aware of which legend is applicable and able to deliver optimal performance.


Arcadia is a powerful ruler who was summoned with a singing sword to reclaim her title as 92nd queen. This Faerie Queen can hit like a truck dealing massive damage. However, she needs to improve on low defense and speed. She has a high-risk, high-reward playstyle that can pay off if you play your cards right.


Azoth is a legend built for taking hits and dealing damage. His primary weapon, the Bow, offers small but powerful blows that can quickly put pressure on opponents. As his secondary choice of armament, he has an Axe with slow yet menacing attacks capable of huge bursts of power—ideal for knocking back enemies and making them regret tangling against Azoth’s strength!


Barraza is a legend known for their balance between offense and defense. He wields the Axe as his primary weapon, an intimidating yet slow attacking force that rewards strategies with knockback capabilities and great bursts of damage. The Blasters provide quick aggressive play, perfect for combos or pulling off stunts— all backed up by stats leaning towards defensive strength rather than offense.


Skilled warrior Bodvar is a force to be reckoned with in our A-tier list. Armed with a sword and hammer, he excels at close or mid-range combat. With a single swing of his trusty Hammer, enemies will be pulled in before experiencing the full force of this formidable fighter’s double-weapon attack!


Dusk is a formidable wizard in Brawlhalla, utilizing his Spear and Orb to conjure devastating blows. His signature weapon, the Spear boasts an extended reach for lethal pokes with swift spinning movements as backup. The Orb provides Dusk mid-range strikes sure to surprise even their most skilled opponents. Unimpeded by average stats elsewhere, he can fight at any distance thanks to seven points of Dexterity!


Ezio, the iconic figure from Assassin’s Creed franchise, has joined Brawlhalla as a crossover character. Ezio is no stranger to battling evil, but even he was surprised when Valhalla turned out to be real! Impressively deadly with his Auditore Blade Sword and Apple of Eden Orb in tow, Ezio isn’t an opponent that can be underestimated, especially considering you have to pay up if you want him on your roster.


Fait is an expert in witchcraft and brings all she has learned to Brawlhalla, making her a formidable opponent to face. Her signature weapons, the Scythe and Orb, deftly combine close-range precision with medium-range power. Though delicate in build, she has Strength and Speed enough for full combat, making it no simple task to outmaneuver or overpower her.


Hattori’s fast speed and nimble dexterity make her a standout in Brawlhalla’s A-tier. Her sword can be used for zoning opponents with defensive maneuvers or inflicting damage through combos, perfect for those starting out. Meanwhile, this speedy fighter also wields an effective spear suitable for quick pokes and spinning moves that help maintain pressure even when against stronger foes!


Kor is a commanding combatant, armed with two formidable weapons: the Gauntlets and Grapple Hammer. His signature metallic gloves provide multiple rapid strikes while his heavy hammer packs punishing power and lead to grapple opportunities. With remarkable defense stats balanced against slower agility, Kor stands tall in any battle situation.

Lord Vraxx 

Lord Vraxx is the most accomplished lance legend, but watch out— some matchups can leave him vulnerable. Although he’s not as strong and armored as figures like Hattori, his blinding speed puts more than a few opponents off balance.


Munin is a quick fighter who uses the Bow and Scythe to put pressure on opponents. She excels at speed but not so much at defense; however, her average strength keeps her on her toes against opponents. Her main advantage is the sharpness of her scythe combined with incredible dexterity, which results in some relentless attacks.


Orion is the perfect paladin for new players, with a Rocket Lance and Spear combo that can pack punchy mid-distance attacks or pokes. Orion optimizes both aggressive and defensive playstyles: high damage output coupled with impressive survivability make him an unstoppable warrior able to tackle any situation, whether it’s rocket lancing away from enemy vigor, spinning into combat wielding a spear of justice, or swiftly repel incoming aggressors using signature moves.


Petra expertly wields the legendary Gauntlets and Orb, which are two powerful metal gloves and a magical stone ball. Her playstyle is marked by immense strength that overwhelms foes, combined with the agility to outpace them at medium speed. Outwit Petra’s strikes from a long distance, or move fast if you want to come out ahead!


Ubisoft’s Rayman has joined the ranks of Brawlhalla as an unforgettable brawler. With his fists and ax in hand, he is a force to be reckoned with despite insufficient strength compared to other fighters. He boasts speed, defense, and dexterity among his most impressive abilities. There are few combatants capable enough to stand toe-to-toe against this iconic figure from video game history!


Scarlet is a brilliant inventor, boxer, and Royal Society member who was betrayed on an Andex expedition by Baron VonEvilStein. She fought the baron in an epic air battle that circled the world twice! Her formidable skills include her Pneumatic Hammer for powerful damage, knockbacks & grappling; plus her Aetheric Rocket Drill (rocket lance) for mid-range precision strikes. Unarmed combat with no reliance on signature moves—just raw power & clever strategy!


Ragnir is a legendary dragon from Brawlhalla who fights in humanoid form. His balanced stats make him an irresistible force. Favoring Katars and an Axe for his battles, Ragnir sparkled with evenly matched prowess; possessing slight superiority in dexterity & defense plus average might and speed.


Zariel is a fearsome warrior, armed with massive gauntlets for devastating close-range attacks and a powerful two-handed bow that can fire arrows from afar. His strength and defense are unrivaled, but his speed and dexterity are his weak points, which are offset by powerful signatures that allow him to take on foes at any range.

B-Tier Brawlhalla Legends

Image Source: Mammoth Games

These Brawlhalla legends are also good and viable to play with, despite the fact that we have seen less and less use of them recently in the game. Particularly in light of the fact that the meta has shifted and a new season has just begun. B-tier legends in Brawlhalla still offer a significant amount of variety, despite the fact that their stats have been nerfed.

However, in order to make good use of these characters when the stakes are high and the fight is intense, a certain level of ability and expertise is required.


Asuri, the night stalker, is a formidable and dexterous Legend in the B-tier list. Her distinct dual katars and sword combination pack an impressive range of moves for both ground and aerial attacks. While her strength falls short compared to Val or other B-tiers legends, Asuri remains flexible enough to not be overlooked as a strong candidate for top-tier play.


Cassidy brings legendary justice to Valhalla, with her Blasters and Grapple Hammer as the tools of her trade. The perfect balance between accessibility for new players yet depth enough for veterans, Cassidy is a fear-inducing force whose stats favor dexterity above all else—strength trailing close behind but leaving defense and agility lagging.


Diana was a fearsome warrior in Valhalla, known for her Bow and Blasters. Her superior agility kept opponents on their toes while she maintained balance among strength, defense, and speed, allowing her to outmaneuver foes with ease.


Ember is a powerful game legend with incredible strength and speed. Her bow-and-arrow or katar attack style makes her an excellent support character when battling opponents. However, her low defense stats make it difficult to defend against enemy strikes, resulting in more damage taken than other heroes. Because of this unfortunate setback, some players are wary of using Ember as part of their team setup, making her less popular than others within the game.


Gnash is an excellent choice for new players looking to make a big impact. His strong attack power, agility, and defense give him the advantage in fast-paced battles. He wields both the Grapple Hammer— perfect for dishing out heavy damage with punishing knockbacks – and Spear, great for poking hits and spinning movements. However, he does suffer from slower attacks due to his lack of dexterity so plan accordingly!


Octavius Mordex, a renowned hunter from the Order of the Exalted Lion, and his trusted team embark on an icy journey. Their mission: vanquish a growing swarm of frost giants and werewolves in their path. Armed with only two weapons (a Scythe for attack and Gauntlets to defend) Mordex’s strength lies in agility; other stats fall close behind or slightly below average. However, his defensive abilities leave a lot to be desired. With some fine-tuning, this werewolf could soar into A or S-tier territory!


Val is a robot assassin of unparalleled skill, crafted in secret by MBFC Automaton. Equipped with deadly Gauntlets and an even sharper Sword as her weapons of choice, she marches forth into battle with remarkable agility and defense, showing equal crowds of dexterity and strength that are never quite the same.


Vector is a cyber marine from the future with outdated perceptions of humanity. He wields an Rocket Lance and Bow in battle; his incredible speed complemented by impressive Strength and Defense make him both agile and dangerous, especially when striking at mid-long range distances. Opponents must be quick to overcome Vector’s dynamic playstyle!


Volkov is a legendary vampire with supernatural powers in Brawlhalla, but his strength and defense will leave you wanting more. Volkov shines using combos of aerial or ground attacks to knock away enemie. Though mastering him may be tricky at first, the rewards are well worth it.


Xull was an invincible commander known for his mastery of the Cannon and Axe. His powerful yet slow attacks with the two weapons earned him a reputation as one of Brawlhalla’s strongest characters, boasting 9/10 Strength rate and medium Defense rate. He lived to fight in epic battles that spanned both short distances with shots from The Cannon and wide swaths of destruction using vicious swings from his double-sided Axe blade.


Yumiko is an extraordinary legend, capable of taking on opponents with a deft combination of her half-Valkyrie and spirit ancestry. She has shown considerable skill while utilizing grapple hammers and bows in the arena—formidable tools for keeping out of trouble while unleashing long-range assaults! Her renowned speed enables her to avoid sticky situations, but unfortunately, she is held back by her weak attack.

C-Tier Brawlhalla Legends

Image Source: Mammoth Games

C-tier legends need to improve their performance in the current meta, which makes them unfit for maining or playing in random matchups. If you don’t have a solid grasp on what you’re doing, you probably shouldn’t mess about any of these.

You need to be an absolute pro with their combos and movement in order to get the most out of these Brawlhalla Legends when you play with them. It is not a good idea to play with legends that are in the C-tier, but if the game receives appropriate balancing upgrades, those legends could see brighter days.


Brynn, daughter of Hypernia and Valkyrie extraordinaire, is renowned for her unmatched speed in combat. Wielding the Axe as her primary weapon and Spear as secondary, Brynn stands out from other heroes due to her balanced set of stats—all even except agility which surpasses them slightly. A perfect pick for those looking for an equal measure of finesse and force!


Caspian approaches the Great Tournament as if it were a stage to show off his impressive Gauntlets and Katars. Quick on their feet, he uses agility and cunning tricks akin to The Joker’s style, leaving opponents scrambling just in time for an applauding audience.


Marshall Isaiah is a formidable foe, armed with his primary weapon—the long-barreled Cannon for short and medium-range shots—as well as secondary Blasters. His expertise lies in Defense, so it’s wise to keep your distance due to his high Strength and Speed capabilities, complemented by an impressive Dexterity rating of six points. Despite being created centuries ago, America’s Office of Emergency Logistics (OEL) remains secret until this day thanks to Marshall Isaiah’s insightful first line of defense.


From a young age, Jiro was destined for greatness. His ancestors had passed on their ancient knowledge of controlling shadows in the Realm of Twilight to him and he soon became an expert with his sword and scythe. Though graceful, precise, and fast beyond compare (even against slower opponents), this legend’s defense rating left something to be desired; all too often resulting in defeat before the battle could really begin!


Jhala embraced Valhalla, but never forgot her home of roasting Scorpions and raging hailstorms. Armed with an Axe and Sword, she is a glass cannon—fierce in attack yet vulnerable to K.O. Her signature moves make Jhala the ultimate character for combos: combining strength with speed.


Kaya is a prodigy, mastering archery at just six years of age. She fights with spear and bow—the former performing powerful thrusts and spins, while arrows flew seamlessly from her two-handed bow. Fast yet stable in battle, this legend excels in speed and defense to overpower foes from close or afar.


Lucien, dubbed “The Highwayman,” is a force to be reckoned with in Brawlhalla. With his combination of katars and blasters, speed-wise, no one comes close on the A or B tier lists. However, strength has become an issue in recent patches, thus putting Lucien into our C tier list as we believe legends must have good all round power!


Mirage is a C-tier fighter that blends the power of Occultism, Martial Arts, and espionage. Her weapons? A deadly scythe for close-quarters combat plus an agile spear to deliver punishing attacks with spinning movements. Wrapped in her desert sand powers, Mirage’s fighting style is lightning-fast. Don’t be fooled by her low defense though, she more than makes up for it with high Dexterity and Strength.


Nix commands a powerful arsenal, from Scythe and Blasters to mighty combos. With perfect execution of her moves comes ultimate victory in any challenge! Nix thrives at Defense and Speed but not Strength. It’s best to keep your distance because she can easily attract enemies with her awe-inspiring skillset.

Queen Nai

Queen Nai is the perfect choice for fighters who like to get up close and personal. Armed with her legendary Spear and Katars, she’s ready to take on foes in both short-range brawls or from a distance. Her enhanced Defence and Strength make her an even more formidable opponent, and one not easily defeated!


An outlaw of the Brawlhalla seas, Thatch is an infamous villain, striking fear with his Sword and Blasters. His C-tier playstyle revolves around a glass cannon build; he can dish out heavy damage but lacks the defense to withstand hostile fire. Executing devastating offensive tactics combined with agile escapes, Thatch has rightfully earned his notorious reputation!


Ulgrim is an exceptional weapons forger. He boldly works with any material to create formidable weaponry; his trusty Axe and powerful Rocket Lance are the stars of the show. His defensive stats greatly exceed that of strength and dexterity, although he does lack natural agility.

D-Tier Brawlhalla Legends

Image Source: Mammoth Games

Legends in Brawlhalla’s D-tier are considered the game’s weakest characters. Their lack of control and mastery, coupled with their low stats makes them a risky choice for players – one that may bring about consecutive losses.


Ada is armed with Blasters and a Spear, she’s renowned as difficult to keep up with but easy to take down. Her strength, dexterity, and agility make her adept at dishing out relentless damage. Unfortunately, she sacrifices defense for offense, making it important for players who use Ada to stay on the offensive if they want success.


Artemis’ sole mission was to take down Orion. She brought two powerful weapons with her: the Rocket Lance and Scythe, each designed for effectiveness in close-range combat. With swift strikes from either weapon, she unleashes a relentless barrage of attacks that leave foes struggling to keep up with her high rate of fire.

Lin Fei

Lin Fei is a master of the mysterious “Way of the Iron Dragon” martial art, wielding deadly katars and cannons. Her clever combination strikes offer experienced players an unparalleled edge in combat – combining lightning-fast reflexes with calculated strategic finesse.


Chitinoid Reno’s history is shrouded in mystery. According to legend, he was raised among the savages of the Ocarians in the Endless Wastes, which is how he became such a merciless hunter. Reno’s weapons are Blasters and an Orb named Orbot. Reno is an agile legend with high Dexterity and Defense, making him dangerous at close range. Fast attacks with Blasters and sudden strong attacks with sticky whip and Orbot are his trademarks.


Sidra holds the power of both close and long-range combat. Her signature weapons are the mighty Cannon paired with a Sword, capable of delivering powerful strikes or tricky parries—all at medium strength. Though her agility may not be ideal for fast-paced fighting styles, Sidra has plenty to offer in terms of strong and effective attacks!

Sir Roland

Sir Roland, a valiant warrior, won the Jade Knight’s challenge. But then he set his sights on an even greater mission: to meet Valkyrie Hypernia again! Wielding both Rocket Lance and Sword with extraordinary skill, this knight was no stranger to battle. Though Sir Roland lacked speed compared to other warriors of legend, he made up for it in strength and defensive prowess unparalleled by any other.

There you have a complete Brawlhalla tier list so you know which characters you’re best investing your time in. Who’s your favorite? Let us know down in the comments below.

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