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How to Complete Keira’s NPC Questline in The Witcher 3


How to Complete Keira’s NPC Questline in The Witcher 3

Friends with benefits? Don’t mind if I do.

There are several NPCs in CD Projekt Red’s epic RPG that have their own extensive questlines you can complete. Here’s how to Keira’s questline and obtain the ‘Friends With Benefits’ trophy.

Keira Metz Witcher 3 Questline Walkthrough

Achieving the trophy and completing Keira’s questline involves ticking off several side quests with Keira herself. Below we’ll explain exactly which and what is involved with each.

When Yennefer tasks you to start looking for Ciri in Velen, you’ll get the main quest titled ‘Nilfgaardian Connection’. Complete this quest to track down Hendrik the spy and from there, you’ll open up two other quests for Geralt. The one you want to tackle is ‘Hunting A Witch’.

First things first: travel to the village of Midcopse to gather information about the witch. You’ll notice that the villagers are rather tight-lipped about the witch’s presence in the area so you’ll have to eavesdrop on them if you want Keira’s location.

Simply look out for two gossiping ladies and stand a slight distance away from them to get the information you need. After that, you should get a quest update that allows you to follow the short trail to the witch’s hut. If for some reason you are unable to successfully eavesdrop don’t worry, after some time has passed a marker will lead you to an individual who will provide you the information you need.

After locating Keira, accept the main quest ‘Wandering In The Dark.’ Upon completion of the quest, Keira will ask you to accompany her as she continues exploring the ruins. If you’re struggling to beat the gargoyle boss in this quest you can read our detailed boss walkthrough here.

The ‘Magic Lamp’ quest is entirely optional but you have to do it in order to continue with her questline. This quest isn’t too difficult; you’ll have to solve a simple sequential puzzle and deal with yet another golem, but you’ll find the magic lamp soon enough.

When Keira’s gotten her hands on the magic lamp, she’ll tell Geralt to pay her a visit whenever he can. Make your way back to her hut once more and she’ll give you the ‘A Towerful Of Mice’ quest. This quest requires you to take a boat out to the isolated Fyke Island where you can use the magic lamp you acquired previously to find ghosts in the tower. You can read our full quest walkthrough here.

Finding all the ghosts is completely optional but they net you a nice experience boost for each one you uncover. They also provide a bit of backstory to what really occurred on the island.

Make your way to the top of the tower where you’ll encounter a wraith. Follow her instructions and talk to her lover living at the shoreside village before reporting back to Keira. Only a couple of quests left to go before you become friends with benefits!

The next quest from Keira requires you to track down a cart. Simply head into the designated area, activate your witcher sense, and follow the cart’s red tracks. Geralt will note that there’s nothing magical about what Keira ordered, and return to question her about this. Turns out, Keira was just ordering ingredients to prepare a nice dinner for Geralt and herself.

How nice of her! You’ll have to race Keira into the meadow where the two will sit down for a meal, and you’ll unlock a set of dialogue options that allow you to bed the sorceress.

When Geralt wakes up, however, he finds Keira missing and notice that there’s a light in the tower on Fyke Island. Make your way to the island and confront Keira about her intentions to negotiate with Radovid.

At this point, you can choose to either let Keira go or suggest that she take refuge at Kaer Morhen. Regardless of which you choose, that’ll be the end of Keira’s questline in The Witcher 3 and you’ll receive the ‘Friends With Benefits’ trophy. Nicely done, you old dog, you!

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