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Witcher 3: A Towerful of Mice Quest Guide

witcher 3, towerful of mice

Witcher 3: A Towerful of Mice Quest Guide

Like so many quests in the game, this one presents you with a moral dilemma that forces you to think carefully about how your actions might affect the rest of Velen. Here’s a A Towerful of Mice Witcher 3 quest guide to help you through another tough day in the life of a witcher.

A Towerful of Mice The Witcher 3 Quest Guide

This quest available after you meet Keira Metz and travel with her to the elven ruins. After you then visit Keira at her invitation, she will tell you about the cursed Fyke Island, which triggers a Towerful of Mice. Part of this quest involves using a special quest item called the Magic Lamp.

Travel to Fyke Island, which is unmissable if you’re using the waypoints on your map. You’ll obviously need a boat to get there, which are indicated with the obvious boat symbols on the mini-map.

Witcher 3 Towerful of Mice
Boat near Keira Metz’s house

Using the Magic Lamp to Find Ghosts

Arriving on Fyke, watch out for Nekkers, Ghouls, and other monsters patrolling. Your first port of call is to head toward the vicinity of the tower and use the Magic Lamp to listen to seven ghost stories.

To do so, equip the Magic Lamp from your Quick Access Menu using L1/LB on consoles, and Tab on PC. Then use the Quick Item button to activate it, which is R1/RB on consoles, and Middle Mouse Button on PC.

Listening to the ghosts is optional, but it provides some additional context to the storyline and will grant you additional XP.

To find the ghosts, look for the glowing green spheres around the outskirts of the tower and then use your Magic Lamp to activate them.

There are two outside the tower walls (one by the entrance on the right, the other at the very southern tip of the yellow circle on the map), one inside the walls (just behind the tower), and four fairly unmissable ones inside the tower itself.

Witcher 3 Towerful of Mice
Example of a green ghost sphere

After you’ve entered the tower and ascended its five or so levels you’ll reach what appears to be the very last room. However, Keira will tell you of a secret passage to find the laboratory. Use your witcher senses and locate the lever to open the passageway.

Witcher 3 Towerful of Mice
Lever on the wall

Whether to Trust Annabelle & Deliver her Bones to Graham

Now inside the laboratory, you’ll meet Annabelle. She will tell you her unfortunate story, and it will then be up to you to decide how to deal with the issue: whether to trust her and take her bones to Graham, or whether to challenge her intentions.

Spoilers: Taking her bones to Graham will spread the disease to another village; luring Graham to her will see them both die in peace.

In our opinion, the second option is probably the lesser evil here. If you feel sorry for the pair, however, and want to see them live no matter the cost, then that option is available to you also.

Note though if you decide to challenge Annabelle then you will have to briefly fight her. Since she is a wraith, use Yrden or the appropriate oil to hit her effectively.

Regardless of which option you choose, after leaving the tower you will then need to visit the village of Oren to see Graham. Once you have either convinced him to return to Fyke Island or presented him with Annabelle’s bones, the rest of the storyline will play out.

Note that returning to Fyke Island with Graham involves killing two wraiths on the way back up the tower.

That should give you a comprehensive A Towerful of Mice The Witcher 3 quest guide. For more useful tips and information on the game, do check out our extensive guide wiki.

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