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How to Hurdle in Fortnite

How to Hurdle in Fortnite
Image Source: Epic Games

How to Hurdle in Fortnite

The hurdle is a great new change that will absolutely save lives from the storm.

Chapter 3 Season 2 of Fortnite added the mantle mechanic, letting players climb up or over walls. This entirely changed things by allowing players to go through areas without being forced to build. Chapter 4 Season 1 also aims to change the game with a new mobility mechanic. Here’s how to Hurdle in Fortnite.

How to Hurdle Over Obstacles in Fortnite

While the mantling ability requires jumping and then pressing the jump button again, hurdling is a little easier. To hurdle, all you need to do is sprint toward a waist-high object. This can be a fence, a low wall, or a guardrail on a bridge.

how to hurdle in fortnite
Image Source: Epic Games via Twinfinite

It used to be that you’d need to perform an extra jump to climb over these things, slowing you down in the event of a pursuit. With the introduction of the hurdle, just about nothing will be able to stop you.

Anything too large for a hurdle will likely be the right height to mantle over, so there shouldn’t be any obstacle you can’t get around without making a ramp and potentially leaving yourself exposed.

Once again, Zero Build modes will benefit from this most, as anything that makes traversal easier when you can’t build helps players survive.

This is everything you need to know about how to Hurdle in Fortnite. If you’re in a hurry to get back into the game, here is the full rundown of the Chapter 4 Season 1 battle pass. This time, we are getting plenty of outfits related to gaming iconic, such as Doom Slayer.

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