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How to Start Holiday Traditions in The Sims 4

Image credit: EA via Twinfinite

How to Start Holiday Traditions in The Sims 4

Make your Sims’ traditions and holidays as unique as your own.

Your Sims can celebrate seasonal holidays with the Sims 4 Seasons EP. The default holidays are okay, but did you know that you can customize them and even add your own? Here’s everything you need to know about adding, deleting, and customizing holidays in The Sims 4.

Starting Holiday Traditions With the Household Calendar in The Sims 4

You can add, delete, and customize existing holidays from the Household Calendar.
Image credit: EA via Twinfinite

The Household Calendar, located near the Phone icon, is where you can find all your Sims’ holidays and events. The Seasons Expansion adds major holidays to the Calendar, including Harvestfest, Winterfest, Love Day, and New Year’s Day. Minor holidays like Rebate Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day, and TV Season Premieres occasionally appear, too.

Click on a day in the Household Calendar to view any holidays and events for that day. If you want to eliminate a holiday from the Household Calendar, click the “delete” icon.

How to Add New Holidays and Customize Existing Ones

Edit holiday traditions, including whether or not Sims get the day off work or school.
Image credit: EA via Twinfinite

Instead of deleting holidays, you can also customize existing ones from the Household Calendar. For example, romance isn’t a huge part of how I play, so the default Love Day traditions of going on a date and giving someone flowers are usually pretty irrelevant to my Sims. Rather than failing Love Day each time it rolls around or deleting it altogether, I’ve replaced those traditions with more relevant ones.

To do this, select the holiday you want to edit in the Household Calendar, then click on the pencil icon to open the Edit Holiday panel. From there, you can change that holiday’s themed decor, whether Sims get the day off of work or school, and what traditions are associated with it. Click on any traditions you don’t want to delete them and add others from the menu below.

Instead of hustling to find a date or order flowers at the last minute, my Sims now watch romantic TV and drink with their friends (or alone) on Love Day. If you’re not into Father Winter, you can replace him with a Menorah or Kinara. You can even add brand-new holidays the same way! Just click on an empty day in the Household Calendar, click “Add Holiday,” and choose which traditions you want to include.

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