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How to Play Captain Marvel in Midnight Suns

How to Play Captain Marvel in Midnight Suns

How to Play Captain Marvel in Midnight Suns

Master the details needed to effectively play Captain Marvel in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

With so many different kinds of superheroes out there, being one of alien descent can certainly help an individual stand out from the crowd. Captain Marvel, or Carol Danvers, is such a character, who is arguably the strongest superhero alive. However, she brings more than raw power to the table, protecting her allies as part of her remit. For players looking to find out just how to play Captain Marvel in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, let us help.

Understanding Captain Marvel in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Before becoming Captain Marvel, Major Carol Danvers was a skilled Air Force Intelligence Officer who eventually became the Head of Security for NASA. Following an accident involving a piece of alien technology that unearthed her latent superpowers, she learns of her true lineage as one of the Kree. NOw fighting evil as Captain Marvel, she is a great choice if you have to dig in deep.

Captain Marvel Speciality in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The excellent Captain Marvel can be categorized with strengths that include:

  • Single-target damage
  • Multi-target damage
  • Protecting allies

An absolute beast in terms of damage, Captain Marvel becomes more effective when she unleashes her Binary state. This is achieved by playing three of her abilities, resulting in the free Go Binary card that can be played to enter the state together with a large amount of Block. As long as she doesn’t lose all her Block, the Binary state remains.

From there, she can deal enormous amounts of damage through her Heroics. You can also utilize her defensively since the high amount of Block and her many abilities with Taunt can protect the rest of the team from harm. Once your relationship with her gets better, her passive, Didn’t Feel A Thing, grants a chance to gain Counter with every KO, making enemies that attack her pay dearly.

Captain Marvel Midnight Suns
Image Source: 2K Games via Twinfinite

The Best Cards for Captain Marvel

  • Regroup – Grants Block and heals Captain Marvel.
  • One Step Ahead – Draws Captain Marvel cards until you have a set number in hand, perfect for achieving Binary state.
  • Bring It On – Taunts each enemy within an area and grants her with Counter. Upgrade it to gain 2 Resist when in Binary state.
  • Rain of Blows – Utilize all Heroism to deal damage, which is great for bosses. However, it consumes all Block.

Best Teams Members to Use With Captain Marvel

While she is a powerhouse when dealing damage, her true potential requires plenty of Heroism to execute. Thus, pairing her with allies that can protect her and keep that Binary state going, while generating high amounts of Heroism is key. Captain America or Wolverine can take the brunt of the harm, while buffs provided by Nico Minoru can make Captain Marvel even more proficient.

That’s all you need to know about how to play Captain Marvel in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. For players looking for more guidance about the game, be sure to check the related content below, or hit up Twinfinite for other queries.

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