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All Devils in Chainsaw Man

The Eternity Devil and Himeno in Chainsaw Man anime series
Image Source: MAPPA

All Devils in Chainsaw Man

Your one-stop list for all the Devils featured so far in the Chainsaw Man anime series.

Devils are complicated creatures in the world of Chainsaw Man. Born in Hell, each embodies a concept that provokes fear in humans. They can range from the abstract Eternity Devil to the seemingly innocuous Fish Devil. Chainsaw Man hosts an impressive catalog of hellish creatures, and if you’ve been trying to keep track of the ones introduced in the anime, we’ve compiled a list of all the Devils in Chainsaw man so far.

Every Devil & Fiend That Appears in Chainsaw Man (Alive & Dead)

Perhaps it is because humans fear so many different things that we have so many Devils to contend with. Here’s all the Devils Denji and Special Division 4 have crossed paths with, each representing humanity’s fear of the concept its own name contains.

  • Chainsaw Devil/Pochita (Alive) – A cute, cuddly dog with a chainsaw sticking out of its forehead, possessing traditional devil abilities and capable of savagely carving its enemies to pieces.
  • Tomato Devil (Dead) – A weaker Devil, embodied as a gigantic tomato-like mass, capable of regeneration through its seeds.
  • Zombie Devil (Dead) – A gigantic floating torso with tentacles that facilitate the control and creation of a zombie horde.
  • Sea Cucumber Devil (Dead) – A grotesque, fleshy mass littered with giant human fingers.
  • Bat Devil (Presumed Dead) – A humanoid bat sporting large teeth, claws, and wings capable of flight and a mouth cannon that shoots a blast of compressed air.
  • Blood Devil (Alive) – Inhabiting the body of Power and capable of blood manipulation. Possesses enhanced speed and sense of smell.
  • Leech Devil (Dead) – A massive wrinkled, leech-like body with two tentacle arms and a gaping mouth housing a razor-sharp tongue.
  • Fox Devil (Alive) – Only ever seen as a giant fox head littered with glowing red eyes, capable of teleportation and consuming its enemies in its massive jaws.
  • Gun Devil (Alive) – A mysterious mass of guns and bullets with incredible speed and durability, capable of firing in all directions and causing catastrophic destruction in seconds.
  • Eternity Devil (Dead) – A strand of flesh in the shape of an infinity sign with the ability to infinitely expand its fleshy body of limbs and manipulate time and space.
  • Ghost Devil (Presumed Dead) – A mass of spider-like arms that supports a towering human-like head possessing massive strength and capable of becoming intangible/tangible, much like a ghost.
  • Curse Devil (Alive) – Summoned by Aki’s sword at great cost, this Devil manifests as a two-headed skeleton with horns that envelopes and mortally crushes/bites its victim.
  • Snake Devil (Alive) – Summoned by Sawatari, this enormous snake-like beast can consume and release its victims with a mouth made of interwoven arms and hands.
  • Future Devil (Alive) – A tree-like humanoid with an eye in its chest, this formidable Devil can see the future of those that interact with it.
  • Shark Devil (Alive) – A fiend with a muscular human body capable of transforming its head into a shark and moving through solid objects.
  • Violence Devil (Alive) – A fiend with the body of a slender man in a plague mask, possessing incredible strength and savage hand-to-hand combat skills. Able to transform into a muscular, four-eyed form.
  • Spider Devil (Alive) – An average-looking woman capable of transforming her lower half into razor-sharp spider legs and summoning beings from a zipper running down her face.
  • Angel Devil (Alive) – A red-headed, winged man who can absorb life from others and manipulate it into swords and spears manifested from his halo.

That’s all of Chainsaw Man’s Devils so far. We are sure to see many, many more as things unfold. Be sure to check out more Chainsaw Man content to keep up to date and answer your burning questions like who is Katana Man, did Hirokazu die, and why is the Gun Devil after Denji’s heart.

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