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Today’s Byrdle Clue & Answer (Nov. 22, 2022)

today's byrdle answer

Today’s Byrdle Clue & Answer (Nov. 22, 2022)

Here’s today’s Byrdle answer for those who can’t quite work it out.

Wordle has spawned a wave of new word puzzle games, some of them targetting various hobbies or interests. Byrdile, for example, challenges enjoyers of choral music to identify words related to that particular pursuit, and it’s proving hugely popular with enthusiasts of the musical genre. If that includes you and you’re struggling to decipher today’s Byrdle answer for Nov. 22, we’re here to lend a helping hand.

What’s the Best Word to Start With in Byrdle?

If you have played Byrdle for any length of time then you’ll be familiar with the fact that its answers include “proper nouns, plurals, and musical terms in other languages.” Occasionally, and unlike Worlde and many other similar games, the answers are not always English words but sometimes in other languages, such as Latin and Italian. You have six attempts to decipher the word before entering your final guess.

Just as in other word puzzle challenges, it’s always worth having a solid bunch of starting words that will help you get off on the right note. These often include at least two vowels and will not repeat letters. These include words like Audio and Raise.

While Byrdle doesn’t feature clues to help, you can check out the daily Tweet from the game’s developer, Robert Brignall, who offers insight into why each word has been chosen and what it means. There are no spoilers, but it should help put you on the right path with your guesses moving forward.

Today’s Byrdle (Nov. 22, 2022) Answer


Past Byrdle Answers

  • November 18: BREAK
  • November 18: CHEST
  • November 17: PIPES
  • November 16: DUFAY
  • November 15: BELTO
  • November 14: METRE
  • November 13: NASAL
  • November 12: TUNES
  • November 11: ENCORE
  • November 10: FINALE
  • November 9: MAHLER
  • November 8: THEORY

Did you get today’s Byrdle answer? Let us here at Twinfinite know down in the comments below and share your longest streak with your fellow players.

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