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How to Get the Crisis Inverted Hand Cannon in Destiny 2 & What the God Rolls Are

How to Get the Crisis Inverted Hand Cannon in Destiny 2 & What the God Rolls Are
Image Source: Bungie

How to Get the Crisis Inverted Hand Cannon in Destiny 2 & What the God Rolls Are

Destiny 2’s Crisis Inverted Hand Cannon is a great option for new players, with a wide variety of perks to choose from.

For players new to Destiny 2’s Crucible, figuring out how to succeed and what weapons to pursue can be an overwhelming task. With so many options for weapons, abilities, and mods it can be hard to know where to start. This is why Bungie introduced playlist weapons: easily obtained weapons with large perk pools that allow players to test out a number of different perks to their liking. From Gambit to Strikes, basic activities that players will be doing time and time again will reward them with a number of these accessible options. Among this range of weapons is the Crisis Inverted, a part of the Hand Cannon weapon family which remains an ever-reliable staple of both PvE and PvP activities. While not the best hand cannon in the game, it remains a great option for new players with some unique weapon rolls to boot. Here is how to get the Crisis Inverted hand cannon in Destiny 2 and what the god rolls are.

How to Farm the Crisis Inverted Hand Cannon in Destiny 2

Farming the Crisis Inverted, like all playlist weapons, is a very simple process. The first and easiest way to obtain it is to play Crucible, where you get a chance to earn it at the end of every match. As you play Crucible, you will earn reputation with Lord Shaxx, and every rank up will allow you another chance at obtaining Crisis Inverted and other weapons like it. These rewards are fairly generous, so as you farm Crisis Inverted you will find yourself getting a plethora of other weapons that are more than worth your time.

How to Farm the Crisis Inverted Hand Cannon in Destiny 2
Bungie via Twinfinite

That being said, earning a god roll for the weapon is a bit of a trickier process. Its fairly large perk pool means that getting the exact perks and masterwork that you want is going to be a challenge. Still, Bungie has a feature in place that rewards players for pursuing god rolls of playlist weapons for long periods of time. Whenever you reset your rank with one of the playlist vendors, you unlock the ability for your drops to have multiple perks to choose from in the third and fourth columns. At your first reset, you can have two perks in each column. At second reset, three. This means that not only is obtaining a god roll of your favorite playlist weapon easier, but you can also have multiple god rolls on one gun that you switch between if you’re lucky enough!

Crisis Inverted Perk Pool

Column One

  • Arrowhead Brake
  • Chambered Compensator
  • Corkscrew Rifling
  • Extended Barrel
  • Fluted Barrel
  • Full Bore
  • Hammer-Forged Rifling
  • Polygonal Rifling
  • Smallbore

Since Crisis Inverted has fairly average stats for a hand cannon, the goal for the first column should be to get those stats as high as possible. That leaves two great options: Corkscrew Rifling and Smallbore. Corkscrew Rifling gives +5 to Range, Stability, and Accuracy, for a stat increase of +15 and all around makes the gun feel slightly better. Smallbore, on the other hand, gives +7 to Range and Stability which is a great choice if the weapon’s base Handling of 55 is something that you can stomach.

Column Two

  • Extended Mag
  • Alloy Magazine
  • Appended Mag
  • Armor Piercing Rounds
  • High Caliber Rounds
  • Ricochet Rounds
  • Flared Magwell
  • Light Mag

Continuing to lean into its role as an accessible all-rounder, increasing the weapon’s base stats should remain the goal. For PvE, armor piercing rounds is the clear winner as not only does it give a +5 to range, but it also allows the weapon to deal 5% extra damage to combatant shields, which ties excellently to a specific combination of perks in the third and fourth columns. For PvP, Ricochet Rounds is the clear winner. It provides a +5 bonus to Range and a +15 bonus to Stability, providing it another 20 points to its base stats and making the weapon feel even better in engagements.

Column Three

  • Outlaw
  • Stats for All
  • Compulsive Reloader
  • Steady Hands
  • Shoot to Loot
  • Demolitionist
  • Ensemble
  • Heating Up
  • Tunnel Vision
  • Rapid Hit
  • Moving Target
  • Under Pressure

This column has a lot of great options for any kind of activty. Stats for All, Steady Hands, and Demolitionist are all excellent choices for PvE, with the first two providing large stat boosts for easy to accomplish tasks while Demolitionist provides grenade energy on kills for great build synergy.

For PvP, the choices are a bit less clear and depend on playstyle. If you want to front load the gun and give it consistent performance, Moving Target is an excellent choice, providing faster strafe speed and +10 aim assist when aiming down sights. If you want to focus on chaining kills, Heating Up or Tunnel Vision are also excellent options. The former provides extra accuracy and stability immediately after obtaining a kill, whereas the latter provides extra aim assist and handling after getting a kill and reloading. They both sync well with perks in the fourth column and either are great options.

Column Four

  • Opening Shot
  • Elemental Capacitor
  • Focused Fury
  • Turnabout
  • Vorpal Weapon
  • Harmony
  • Adrenaline Junkie
  • Adaptive Munitions
  • Rangefinder
  • Snapshot Sights
  • Kill Clip
  • One for All

For this column, there is a particularly powerful perk for PvE that should be looked at before all others: Adaptive Munitions. When hitting a shield that does not match your element, it boosts the weapon’s damage and allows it to easily pop said shields. This is a ridiculously good perk for endgame activites, and when paired with Armor Piercing Rounds for extra shield damage it should be the first choice when using this weapon for PvE. That being said, damage perks like Focused Fury, Adrenaline Junkie, and One for All remain viable options should you prefer them.

For PvP, there are a lot more options to choose from. If you’re looking for consistency, Opening Shot, Elemental Capacitor, Rangefinder, or Snapshot are your picks. Opening shot provides a huge boost to Range and Accuracy on the first shot of the attack, allowing you to set the pace for a gunfight and is a great option on almost any weapon. Elemental Capacity will provide the most if you are using either an Arc or Void subclass, where it will provide a +37 handling or +20 stability respectively. Rangefinder increases the zoom buff to the weapon, allowing it to hit at farther ranges and is best paired with Moving Target for the extra aim assist. Finally, if you want to increase the weapon’s handling across all subclasses, Snapshot will max the feel of the weapon like it has maximum handling whenever you aim down sights.

If you want to kill chain, then Kill Clip is the clear winner. Upon getting a kill and reloading, the weapon gains a 33% damage boost. This is a tried-and-true option for any kind of PvP activity, allowing you to grab really easy kills that otherwise would not be possible. It can be paired with Tunnel Vision for great synergy, but will leave the weapon wanting as you try to obtain the first kill to get the ball rolling.

Origin Trait

  • One Quiet Moment
  • Omolon Fluid Dynamics

Out of these two origin traits, Omolon Fluid Dynamics is easily the best. Where One Quiet Moment boosts reload speed when out of combat, which has no bearing on actual combat and is thus useless, Omolon Fluid Dynamics provides big boosts to stability and reload speed for the top half of the magazine. That being said Bungie is looking to rework One Quiet Moment, so it may become a good option in the future.

Crisis Inverted God Rolls

Below we’ve broken down the best rolls for the Crisis Inverted, separated by PvE and PvP activities:

  • Crisis Inverted PvE God Roll – Corkscrew Rifling, Armor-Piercing Rounds, Demolitionist, Adaptive Munitions, Omolon Fluid Dynamics.
  • Crisis Inverted PvP God Roll – Corkscrew Rifling, Ricochet Rounds, Moving Target, Rangefinder, Omolon Fluid Dynamics.

The Crisis Inverted is a great option for those just getting started in Destiny 2. While other hand cannons such as the Fatebringer or Palindrome outpace the Crisis Inverted, they are hard to obtain while the Crisis Inverted is extremely accessible. With a wide number of great perks to choose from, it is worth closer examination for any new player looking to jump into the chaotic mess that is Destiny 2’s PVP.

So, there you have it. Hopefully, this helped to clue you in on how to get the Crisis Inverted hand cannon in Destiny 2 and what the god rolls are. If you enjoyed this article or found it helpful, please check out our article on the Destiny 2 showcase announced for next month; teases what’s to come, or Bungie states aim assist change is coming for Rangefinder in a future Destiny 2 update.

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