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How To Connect Pokemon Scarlet & Violet To Pokemon Home

Image Source: Nintendo

How To Connect Pokemon Scarlet & Violet To Pokemon Home

Transfer your Pokemon with the help of Nintendo’s cloud service.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the ninth gen of Pokemon, is coming to Switch in November. Ahead of the official release, the Pokemon Company has officially announced that the compatibility between Pokemon Scarlet, Pokemon Violet, and Pokemon Home is slated for Spring, 2023. Accordingly, players would soon be able to connect Scarlet & Violet to Pokemon Home and transfer certain Pokemon from past games.

Pokemon Home Explained

Pokemon Home is a cloud service for Nintendo Switch that allows players to transfer Pokemon between compatible games.

Pokemon Home Explained
Image source: Nintendo

By linking the same Nintendo account to both the Nintendo Switch version and the mobile version of Pokemon Home, users can access the same Pokemon Boxes on both versions. After that, they can move Pokemon between compatible games, trade Pokemon on the go, and use other services.

Will Pokemon Home Work With Scarlet and Violet

The Pokemon Company has recently confirmed that Pokemon Home will work with Scarlet and Violet. The compatibility is scheduled to arrive in Spring, 2023, so trainers must wait a while to use this feature.

Image source: Nintendo

After linking the game to Pokemon Home, you’ll be able to bring select Pokemon companions from past games to the Paldea region.

How To Transfer Pokemon From Pokemon Home To Scarlet & Violet

Here are a few simple steps in order to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Home to Scarlet & Violet:

  1. Start Pokemon Home on your Nintendo Switch.
  2. Select the ‘Pokemon’ option.
  3. Pick which game you wish to connect to.
  4. Select the Pokemon you wish to transfer.
  5. Finally, press the ‘+’ button and select ‘Save changes and exit.’

Please note: The Pokemon you’ll be able to transfer to each game via Pokemon HOME are limited to Pokemon that can appear in those games.

That’s everything you need to know about connecting Scarlet & Violet To Pokemon Home. Before leaving, make sure to check out other Pokemon-related content here at Twinfinite like how to get Gimmighoul in Pokemon GO & 10 burning Pokemon Scarlet & Violet questions we still have ahead of its big launch

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