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Best Fairy Type in Pokemon GO

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Best Fairy Type in Pokemon GO

Hint: it’s not a legendary.

Even though Fairy is a rare type in Pokemon Go, there’s a number of great attackers to choose from. You might be wondering which one you should start training immediately, well look no further: here’s everything you need to know on the best Fairy type in Pokemon Go.

What’s the Best Fairy Type Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

Shadow Gardevoir is the best Fairy Pokemon for a few reasons: it’s Psychic / Fairy dual-typing offer protection from Dark attacks, which are super effective against Psychic Pokemon, while Psychic attacks help against Poison counters that resist Fairy.

Shadow Gardevoir in Pokemon Go storage
Image Source: Niantic via Twinfinite

Another reason Gardevoir is awesome is two STAB movesets to pair with its high attack stat. The moveset that maximizes Gardevoir’s DPS is Confusion plus Psychic, but you can’t go wrong with Charm plus Dazzling Gleam for pure Fairy damage.

How to Get Shadow Gardevoir

If you can’t trade for Shadow Gardevoir, you’ll have to evolve it from a Shadow Ralts. Look for darker colored PokeStops where Team Go Rocket Grunts have taken over and dark shadows from hot air balloons, defeat the grunts and if they have a Ralts on their team, you’ll have a chance to catch it.

It takes 125 Ralts candy to evolve into Shadow Gardevoir, and powering it up depends on how you use it: pour all your Ralts candy into it to use it in Giratina or Guzzlord raids or be careful not to exceed Great or Ultra League CP caps.

That’s everything we have on the best Fairy Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Check out some of our other Go content like how to catch a Gimmighoul, in-game rewards for Verizon customers, and how much XP you earn at each friendship level.

Image Source: Nintendo and Niantic

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