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Which Rick & Morty Character Are You? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Ranking Rick and Morty

Which Rick & Morty Character Are You? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Take this personality quiz to find out which Rick & Morty character you are!

Rick and Morty is one of the biggest names in animated television after skyrocketing into popularity from the first season. The plot of the show follows super-intelligent scientist Rick Sanchez, who drags his grandson, Morty Smith, with him on wild adventures throughout the galaxy.

The show is packed full of hilarious, quirky, and often bizarre characters that shake up the everyday life of the Smith family in wacky occurrences, always keeping fans amused and entertained by what the show throws at them next. While the main cast of characters may seem quite simple at first, that is what makes it so fun – watching Rick constantly turn his family’s lives upside down with intergalactic emergencies and chaotic inventions.

Which Rick and Morty character are you most like? Will you be a member of the Smith family? or perhaps a close ally or their worst enemy! Take the personality quiz below to find out now!

(Image Sources: Adult Swim)

Rick & Morty Quiz: What Character Are You?

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