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What Does SBMM Mean in Gaming? Explained

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What Does SBMM Mean in Gaming? Explained

A guide that explains the meaning by SBMM in gaming.

Any title that has competitive multiplayer game modes should always be concerned with balance. Take Call of Duty: Warzone, for example, and its developers constantly tweaking guns and features—but what about players? How do you balance the varying skill levels of a title’s playerbase? Enter SBMM, but what does SBMM mean in gaming?

SBMM Gaming Meaning Explained

SBMM in gaming is an acronym that stands for “Skill-Based Matchmaking.” Its goal is to group players together of similar skill and shorten the gap between one player’s skill to another as much as possible. If you’ve played titles such as Fortnite or Valorant, you’ve witnessed SBMM in action.

When SBMM is working correctly, you’ll get paired with other players that won’t outright stomp you on the scoreboard, which comes in handy if you’re new, especially in titles like Call of Duty: Warzone. Likewise, there’s less of a chance you’ll completely dominate others.

SBMM can be a controversial subject for many players. If you’re highly skilled, you’ll always have to play at the top of your game; casually playing is rarely an option anymore, especially considering SBMM is often implemented in unranked and ranked matchmaking like Fortnite.

So, that’s what SBMM means in gaming, explained in its simplest terms. Though many players wish to show off their mad skills against weaker opponents, it isn’t as fun when you’re on the receiving end of that beatdown. For more guides and questions on gaming, check out any of the links below for content that pique your interest.

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