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How to Get Paper in Minecraft

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How to Get Paper in Minecraft

Everything you need to know about crafting paper in Minecraft

When you hear the word Minecraft, your usually think about pickaxes, diamond armor, and the ever-present threat of Creepers. Paper is the least of your concerns in the game, especially since you can’t slap some paper together to craft a sword. However, you can still use paper to create useful items such as empty maps, as well as fun extras like fireworks and banners.

While paper is considered a common item in Minecraft, it ironically doesn’t grow on trees. This quick and dirty guide will tell you how to get paper in Minecraft.

Minecraft Paper Crafting Recipe

The easiest way to obtain paper in the game short of crafting it is raiding stronghold libraries and looting their chests. But, if you want to make your own paper, you’re going to need sugar cane.

Just lay three sugar canes horizontally on the middle row of a crafting table, and bam: you’ve got paper.

Of course, that raises the question of how to obtain sugar cane.

Where to Find Sugar Cane in Minecraft

As you wander the world, you can find rods of sugar cane growing near water in virtually any biome. You can mine them with any implement —including your bare hands. And of course, you can always grow sugar cane on your own farm.

Since sugar cane grows adjacent to water in the wild, you need to place it on blocks that are next to water. Luckily, the plant grows in a variety of blocks, including grass, dirt, podzol, and sand.

Moreover, sugar cane grows approximately one block every 18 minutes, so you can probably go adventuring and come back to enough cane to make a nice fat stack of paper.

Finding Paper in Minecraft

If you don’t want to craft paper because finding sugar cane sounds like too much effort, the good news is that you can find paper as chest loot in Shipwrecks, Stronholds and Villages.

In Shipwrecks, you’re looking for supply and map chests, which have a 46.4% and 89.4% chance of spawning paper respectively. In Stronghold Library chests, you’ve got an 88.3% chance of finding between 2-7 paper, and finally, Cartographer’s Chests in Villages have a 61.2% chance of containing between one and five pieces of Paper.

Let’s sum up how to get paper in Minecraft

  1. Harvest sugar cane either by mining it in the world or cultivating it on a farm.

  2. Place sugar cane in a horizontal line in a crafting table.

  3. Alternatively, loot paper from chests in stronghold libraries.

If you need any more tips, tricks, or walkthroughs, visit the main Twinfinite guide page or check some other guides below.

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