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Is Phasmophobia Free To Play & How Much Does It Cost? Answered


Is Phasmophobia Free To Play & How Much Does It Cost? Answered

Get ready to be scared

If you’ve ever wanted to hunt ghosts, then Phasmophobia is for you: investigate paranormal activity on various maps and figure out how to stop it in this Kinectic Games entry. You’re probably wondering if a game like this could possibly be free. Here’s everything you need to know about how much Phasmophobia costs.

Can I Play Phasmophobia for Free?

Phasmophobia is $13.99 on Steam, not free but not a bad price at all. You can play it now, but the game is in Early Access so expect more content over the coming months. The developer wants to do things right and release a stellar game but be aware that the final product will cost more. There are seven maps already plus 22 different tools for sniffing out the ghosts, so don’t worry about being bored.

If you really want a scare, take VR mode for a spin—it’s your own personal haunted house. The game has great graphics and 10 types of ghosts just waiting to freak you out. If you don’t have a VR headset, Phasmophobia can seem expensive, and sticking with the standard mode is probably the best option. Whichever game mode you prefer, feel free to leave feedback on Steam because Kinetic Games is listening.

That’s everything we have on is Phasmophobia free. Check out some of our other Phasmophobia content like read this before you buy Phasmophobia, make some in game cash, and how to play VR mode.

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