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How to Complete the Lantern Lit Challenge in Overwatch 2


How to Complete the Lantern Lit Challenge in Overwatch 2

If you require rest, now is the time. That is, after all, what the bonfire is for.

This Halloween Blizzard has graced us with the lore expansion we’ve all been waiting for. Wrath of the Bride continues the Junkenstein story with a new, limited-time, Halloween PvE mode. It wouldn’t feel like an Overwatch event without some challenges though. Blizzard has given us quite a bunch this time around and a few of them seem to be challenging, cryptic, or both. Don’t fear though, in this guide we’ll help you with one of the more frustrating challenges and show you how to complete the lantern lit challenge in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 “Crouch at the Lantern for 6 Seconds While the Ghost is Active in Wrath of the Bride” Guide

At first glance, this challenge seems pretty straightforward. However, if you’ve played through Wrath of the Bride already you’ll notice that there are actually quite a few different lanterns scattered around and a few things that could be considered “ghosts”.

The specific lantern that you are looking for is actually in the latter half of the event and takes the place of the bonfire from Eichenwalde. This is almost straight after Sigma appears and begins chasing you and your team around. The most difficult part is that you can’t safely crouch here if Sigma is following you so hang back a bit to let him latch to one of your other teammates.

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment via Twinfinite

The picture above shows you what the lantern looks like when lit. When you find it it’ll be much duller. Once you’re there though you just simply have to crouch for six seconds. The lantern will light up and you’ll see the challenge complete message on the side of your screen. Be warned if one of your teammates goes down from Sigma chasing them he can pick you as the next target and scare you away before you get the challenge.

That’s really all there is to completing the lantern lit challenge in Overwatch 2. If you need help with some of the other more difficult challenges check out our guides for the ominous portent challenge and the photozomb challenge as well. We also offer more generalized advice and guides if you are looking to get better at Overwatch in general.

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