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How to Fast Travel in Gotham Knights & Unlock More Fast Travel Points

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How to Fast Travel in Gotham Knights & Unlock More Fast Travel Points

Breaking down how to fast travel in Gotham Knights!

WB Montreal’s Gotham Knights presents the Bat Family with a wide-open Gotham City full of secrets and locales to discover as they step up to protect Gotham in light of Batman’s mysterious death. While it may be fun to drive and glide your way to a mission, sometimes a direct beeline to the objective is a welcome alternative to speed up your goal of crime fighting. Here’s what you need to know on how to fast travel in Gotham Knights.

Fast Traveling in Gotham Knights

Fast-traveling in Gotham Knights works similarly to many other titles that have a fast-travel system. All you have to do is open up the map, hover over a green fast-travel location, and press the X button (A on Xbox) to fast-travel to a location.

fast travel in Gotham Knights
Image Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment via Twinfinite

It is important to note that every fast travel location won’t be available from the start. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock more places to fast-travel.

Unlocking More Fast Travel Points

Initially, you’ll only start off with the Belfry that you can fast travel to in Gotham Knights. However, you can unlock more fast travel locations by scanning drones at each site. Some are shielded, so you’ll have to wait for them to dock before you can scan them. Other drones can just be scanned when you’re close enough.

Depending on the fast travel location, you might need to scan two or three drones. This can be done by using your AR vision to locate them. You’re looking for little orange outlines in the air.

All Fast Travel Locations

Here’s a list of all fast travel locations in Gotham Knights.

  • Gotham Heights – North Gotham (west side)
  • Bristol – North Gotham (east side)
  • Bowery – New Gotham (east side)
  • West End – New Gotham (west side)
  • Tricorner Island – In the middle right of the map
  • Financial District – Historic Gotham (west side)
  • Old Gotham – Historic Gotham (east side)
  • Southside – Lower Gotham

That’s everything you need to know on fast-traveling in Gotham Knights. Down below, you’ll find plenty of tips and tricks that’ll aid you in your journey to keep Gotham safe.

Check out our guides on how to call the Batcycle in case you decide to go on a leisurely ride through the streets or how to level up fast, so you can clean up the streets a little bit faster.

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