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Endorsement Level System in Overwatch 2, Explained

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Endorsement Level System in Overwatch 2, Explained

Found a good teammate? Send them some love with the Endorsement System.

Multiplayer games are best experienced with players who create positive environments. If we’re being honest, negative players are common to find, and reporting them is the best way to spread the word about such negativity. However, Overwatch 2 has a unique system in place to show love toward the good apples. Have you found a good teammate whom you want everyone to know about? Here’s what you need to know about the endorsement level system in Overwatch 2 and how it helps spread the love.

What is the Endorsement Level System in Overwatch 2?

Endorsement Level System in Overwatch 2 explained
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

The Endorsement Level System in Overwatch 2 is a method of recognizing players who have performed well in-game and/or have exhibited positive behavior. At the end of a match, players can select up to two teammates they want to endorse to recognize their in-game exploits. You cannot endorse members of your party, and you can only endorse the same person once every 12 hours.

Endorsing a player or being endorsed by your teammates has more benefits than just being a nice person. Endorsements have a level system attached to them: the more endorsements you receive, the higher your endorsement level count goes. There are five levels with the more endorsements you receive leading to you leveling up your endorsement level. 

Conversely, your endorsement level will drop for exhibiting less-than-stellar behavior. Incoming reports on your behavior will lower your endorsement level.

How to View Total Endorsement Level

There isn’t an exact breakdown of how many points you receive or lose for every endorsement/report, but if you want to check out your total endorsement level, head over to the “Career Profile” tab. Next to your name are two numbers, the left number being your endorsement level. A neat bonus for maintaining a high endorsement level is that it may grant you extra battle pass XP. However, the exact math is yet to be determined.

That’s all you need to know about the endorsement level system and how it functions in Overwatch 2. We’ve been playing a ton of Overwatch 2 and have plenty of related content to help you during your playtime. Check out why Damage heroes Torbjorn and Bastion were disabled as well as their targeted return dates, or check out our review of Overwatch 2.

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