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Elden Ring: How to Get Somber Smithing Stone 8 & 9

Elden Ring Somber Smithing Stone 8 9

Elden Ring: How to Get Somber Smithing Stone 8 & 9

Get those Somber Smithing Stone 8 and 9 to upgrade your Elden Ring build now.

You will need more than good skills and fast reflexes to survive the world of Elden Ring. Having good equipment can make a world of difference, and that means upgrading them is a process you cannot hope to avoid. Getting stronger weapons gives you a better chance of survival against the horrors of The Lands Between, so if you have been wondering about how to get Somber Smithing Stone 8 & 9 in Elden Ring and what they are used for, let us help you out.

Obtaining Somber Smithing Stone 8 & 9 in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Somber Smithing Stone 9

Similar to many other important items in Elden Ring, you will be able to find Somber Smithing Stones 8 and 9 by exploring The Lands Between. Here are just some of the locations that will yield these rare materials:

Locations of Somber Smithing Stone 8

  • Subterranean Shunning-Grounds
    Head to the Underground Roadside Site of Grace, head left out of the room, through the gate, and then the door on the left and down the ladder.
  • Moonfolk Ruins
    In the underground treasure room in the northeast section of the ruins. Find the illusory floor and reveal the stairs by hitting the floor.

These are found in the Lake of Rot area:

  • A corpse dangling off the edge of a small island near the northern tip of the area.
  • A corpse lying on top of a ruin in the southeast corner.

These are found in the Mountaintop of the Giants area:

  • Forge of the Giants
    Head towards the foot of the forge and defeat the giant and teleporting Teardrop Scarab in the area to get one.
  • Ancient Snow Valley Ruins
    Near the lower part of the valley lies another Teardrop Scarab. Just head south of the Site of Grace and eliminate it for your prize.
  • Consecrated Snowfield Minor Erdtree
    Head west from the tree to find another Teardrop Scarab chilling on some rocks.

These are found in the Crumbling Farum Azula area:

  • Dragon Temple Rooftop
    Head to the Site of Grace and on the southern balcony, you will find a corpse with the item.
  • Dragon Temple
    Found in the upper crumbled section west of the Dragon Temple. Ascend the Dragon Temple Lift, then head south from the fountain plaza until you reach the Phantom Tree. Head west, and using the pillars, start making your way upwards. Head further west, and once you are on the second large floating debris, look to the northwest for some makeshift stone bridges leading to a gazebo. Head slightly north of the gazebo to find a corpse holding the item off the edge.

Locations of Somber Smithing Stone 9

These are found in the Crumbling Farum Azula area:

  • Crumbling Beast Grave Depths Site of Grace
    Use the lift in the southwest and arrive at a corpse holding this valuable material.
  • Dragon Temple
    First, before making the jump to the temple itself, you will find one Somber Smithing Stone 9 in some ruins with an angled pillar. Secondly, the other is found on the lowest level. Head west from the Site of Grace and follow the floating stones down and through a tomb for your reward.
    A third stone can be found by heading through the north exit, and turning left down the path. Continue through the corridor to find a curved staircase. Head up and you will find a corpse behind a pillar holding onto a stone.

There are also other areas in which one can find Somber Smithing Stone 9:

  • Lake of Rot – Found on a corpse on the raised platform where there’s a Lesser Alabaster Lord. 
  • Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace – Found on a corpse on the bridge above.
  • Divine Tower of Caelid – From the Dragonbarrow West Site of Grace, travel east following the road until you encounter two dragons. From here, head north and follow the ramp. Once you reach the tower, you can find one on a corpse in a circle of chairs.
  • Yelough Anix Tunnel – In the room where an Onyx Lord attacks.
  • Farum Greatbridge – Head west and obtain one from a Teardrop Scarab.
  • Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree – Found on a corpse inside a room at the northern end of the ring walkway to the east. You will encounter a Crystalian here. Another can be found inside a dark building guarded by 3 Crystalians, located in the lower levels.
  • Consecrated Snowfield – Northeast of the Apostate Derelict, you can find one on a corpse sitting on a chair. Next, head up north of the Hidden Path to the Haligtree, on top of a rock formation lies one more Somber Smithing Stone 9. Lastly, an invisible Teardrop Scarab holds one and can be found at the rock formation west of the Minor Erdtree.

While exploration and drops from enemies can yield these upgrade materials, the most reliable way of getting them will be through the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold. That means getting ahold of the corresponding Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearings.

Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing 4

Head to the Crumbling Farum Azula, and more specifically, the Tempest-Facing Balcony Site of Grace. Just ahead will be a corpse holding onto the Bell Bearing. This will allow you to purchase both Somber Stone 7 and 8 at the vendor.

Elden Ring Somber Smithing Stone

Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing 5

In the same area, you will need to progress to the Dragon Temple Rooftop Site of Grace. Continue along the path and when you are near the dragon, head to the right and eliminate the enemies in the area. There is a fallen temple that connects two cliffs here, so make your way across. At the end is a chapel where enemies are waiting to ambush you; destroy them and obtain your reward at the corpse by the coffin.

This will give you access to Somber Stone 9 at the Twin Maiden Husks.

What Somber Smithing Stones Are Used for in Elden Ring

Both materials are rare and special smithing stones that can be used to reinforce special armaments to a higher level with better stats.

Once you have enough in your inventory, head to a blacksmith and utilize the Somber Smithing Stone to get your special armaments to your desired level. Of course, +9 is not the highest level, with a Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone required to reach +10. Those are much harder to come by as they cannot be bought, and will require multiple playthroughs if you wish to upgrade all your special armaments to the max.

Elden Ring Somber Smithing Stone 9 upgrade

That is all there is to it when it comes to learning about how to get Somber Smithing Stone 8 and 9 in Elden Ring and what they are used for. Be sure to also check out our guide wiki to learn more important details about the game, for everything else, please search Twinfinite.

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