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Does Modern Warfare 2 Have Gunfight? Answered

Does Modern Warfare 2 Have Gunfight? Answered

Does Modern Warfare 2 Have Gunfight? Answered

Gunfight is a great mode to work on how well you communicate with a friend.

Gunfight has proven to be a popular Call of Duty game mode ever since the first Modern Warfare remake introduced it in 2019. Fans looking to dive into Modern Warfare 2 might be wondering if they will be able to play the mode once more in the new title. Here’s the answer you’re looking for regarding if Modern Warfare 2 has the Gunfight game mode.

Is Gunfight in Modern Warfare 2? Answered

At the moment, Gunfight is not one of the game modes available during Modern Warfare 2’s launch.

For those who may be unaware of what Gunfight is, it’s a round-based deathmatch that pairs two teams of two-player (2v2) against each other in the game’s smaller maps. Call of Duy: Cold War even included a tournament mode for Gunfight that gave teams the chance to earn blueprints.

When Does Gunfight Come Out for Modern Warfare 2?

Currently, there is no word on when Gunfight might be coming to Modern Warfare 2. But, there is some precedent here for it not being in a game at launch. The above reference to Cold War is important as the mode didn’t originally come with the game when it was released. However, Call of Duty: Cold War added the gunfight mode with the first season.

Taking that into consideration, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 could be getting the Gunfight game mode when season one launches on Nov. 16. We will update this guide when we know more.

For now, that is everything you need to know about if Modern Warfare 2 has the Gunfight game mode. If you’re looking for more information on what the game offers, we have a guide on how the prestige system works.

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