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How to Get & Upgrade the Origins Ice Staff in Zombies Chronicles

How to get and upgrade the Origins Ice Staff in Zombies Chronicles
Source: Activision via Twinfinite

How to Get & Upgrade the Origins Ice Staff in Zombies Chronicles

Here’s everything you need to know about the Origins Ice Staff in Zombies Chronicles.

The four staffs in Zombies Chronicles are powerful tools that you can use to defeat many enemies that stand in your way. In particular, the Origins Ice Staff is an excellent choice for beginners to the game since it is one of the simpler weapons you can acquire in your adventure. So, if you want to know how to get the Ice Staff in Zombies Chronicles, this guide will help you along your journey in Call of Duty: Origins.

How to Get the Origins Ice Staff in Zombies Chronicles

The Origins Ice Staff in Zombies Chronicles can freeze nearby enemies in their place while killing them in the process. However, players must grab a shovel before setting off in their quest to get the required pieces for the weapon because they’ll have to dig dirt piles with bones.

You can find two of them in the first generator in your initial spawn, but if any of your teammates take these, you can get another tool at the Lightning or Wind Cave and the bottom level of the church.

Using the shovel for the Origins Ice Staff
Source: Activision via Twinfinite

After you obtain a shovel, you can go to Generator 2 and get the Ice Staff Record, which spawns in the following locations:

  • On the table when you first enter the building near Generator 2
  • By the shelf next to the Mystery Box
  • On top of the stand by the doorway to the muddy roadway
Obtaining the Origins Ice Staff Record in Zombies Chronicles
Source: Activision via Twinfinite

You’ll also need to wait until it snows and use your shovel to dig up the dirt piles with bones for the weapon’s parts. Unfortunately, this part of Zombies Chronicles randomly generates items, and sometimes you won’t get the Ice Staff piece that you are looking for (it may take a few rounds to obtain all three parts of the magical staff.)

Getting Origins Ice Staff pieces
Source: Activision via Twinfinite

When you have the complete set of the Origins Ice Staff, it’s time to get the record and Gramophone. The Gramophone can be found on the ground within the Excavation Site, and the musical disc spawns in these areas:

  • Near the Excavation sign when you first enter No Man’s Land
  • On top of some crate next to the entryway of the church
  • In a wheelbarrow on the top floor of the Excavation Site

Next, players must go to the Crazy Place by using the Gramophone and Ice Staff Record at the Ice Cave near Generator 5. Once inside, grab the Ice Crystal on the blue platform and craft the mighty tool at the Excavation Site.

Upgrading the Origins Ice Staff & Ice Staff Code

Ice Staff Code
Source: Kronorium

To upgrade the weapon, you’ll need to use the Origins Ice Staff code to solve the Zombies Chronicles puzzle at the Crazy Place, along with other steps you must finish:

  1. Go to the Crazy Place and solve the puzzle with the Ice Staff code upgrade.

    When you go to the blue area of the Crazy Place puzzle, you’ll see a code on a pillar that corresponds to the symbols in the image above. Next, you must shoot the relics above you and continue to look at the post to see which ones you need to target next. Once you are finished, Samantha will speak to you, and you’ll go on the following phase of the upgrade journey.

  2. Find the gravestone next to Generator 4.

    Players will have to find three gravestones throughout the Zombies Chronicles map to upgrade the Origins Ice Staff. The first one is near Generator 4, where the muddy footprint of the giant robot is. You’ll have to shoot it with your Ice Staff and hit it with another weapon after the gravestone freezes.

  3. Go to the second gravestone for the Ice Staff upgrade in Zombies Chronicles.

    The following gravestone isn’t too far from the first location, and you can find it near the Excavation Site in front of Generator 4.

  4. Travel to Generator 2 and hit the last gravestone.

    Players must return to Generator 2 and go to the muddy pathway behind it. You’ll spot the last gravestone for the Origins Ice Staff upgrade next to the giant robot hand.

  5. Go to the Excavation Site and switch the levers until all the rings are blue.

    When the rings are in the correct order, you must hit the blue orb within them to begin the final phase of the Ice Staff upgrade.

  6. Return to the Crazy Place and place your Origins Ice Staff on the blue structure.

    If you have enough powerful weapons, you can place the Ice Staff on the Ice Crystal platform at the Crazy Place. While the tool upgrades, you’ll need to eliminate zombies until Samantha tells you that you’ve successfully upgraded the Ice Staff in Zombies Chronicles.

    Final Phase in the Ice Staff Uprade

Now that you know how to get and upgrade the Origins Ice Staff in Zombies Chronicles, you can use the blizzard powers of the tool to defeat enormous groups of enemies. Before you go, you can check out additional content about Call of Duty by looking at our Fire Staff guide and viewing the latest updates, such as Season 5 weapon changes and the Khaled Al-Asad Bundle. Be sure to also explore the relevant links below for more information about the franchise.

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