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All Layup & Dunk Animation Requirements in NBA 2K23

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All Layup & Dunk Animation Requirements in NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 offers plenty of layups and dunks to try.

NBA 2K is back and arguably bigger than ever this year, offering even more ways to customize your player as you seek superstar status. Yet when it comes down to it, the most important things about your build can also be the most fundamental. Of course, fundamental doesn’t necessarily mean the absence of style. What follows is our guide on all layup and dunk animation requirements in NBA 2K23.

Guide for Layup & Dunk Requirements in NBA 2K23

Like with most animation choices, there are some basic ones that are available to all players right out of the gate. After a while, though, you may feel as though a change is needed. Whether through unlocking them via quest objectives or purchasing some with Virtual Currency, there are plenty of layup and dunk animations in NBA 2K23 that require certain ratings.

All Layup Animation Requirements in NBA 2K23

Most layups require a specific combination of height and the driving layup skill, so let’s dig in with this extensive table:

AnimationDriving LayupMin. HeightMax. Height
Default Small6’9″
Default Swing6’9″
Default Big6’10”
Dominant Big70+6’10”
Floater Specialist706’9″
Long Athlete88+
Devin Booker82+6’9″
J. Cole70+6’4″
Steph Curry85+6’4″
Joel Embiid70+6’10”
George Gervin70+
James Harden80+6’9″
Kyrie Irving85+6’4″
Allen Iverson85+6’4″
LeBron James80+6’9″
Magic Johnson80+6’9″
Nikola Jokić70+6’10”
Michael Jordan85+6’9″
Zach LaVine80+6’9″
Damian Lillard80+6’9″
Ja Morant82+6’9″
Ben Simmons60+
John Wall80+6’9″
Russell Westbrook82+6’9″
Jason Williams75+6’9″

All Dunk Animation Requirements in NBA 2K23

If you prefer a more smashmouth approach, then dunking is certainly for you. Just know that you’re going to need the right combination of height, standing and driving dunk, and vertical leap. Fortunately, there’s this nice little table here to make things easier:

AnimationStanding DunkDriving DunkVerticalMin. HeightMax. Height
Giannis Antetokounmpo75+75+50+6’5″
Kobe Bryant82+62+6’9″
Vince Carter86+70+6’9″
Darryl Dawkins75+75+50+6’10”
DeMar DeRozan75+55+6’9″
Luka Dončić70+50+6’9″
Clyde Drexler80+60+6’9″
Julius Erving84+64+6’9″
Paul George80+60+6’5″6’9″
Manu Ginóbili50+35+6’9″
Draymond Green50+50+35+6’5″
Blake Griffin70+82+55+6’5″
James Harden80+60+6’9″
Dwight Howard75+65+50+6’10”
LeBron James84+64+6’5″
Michael Jordan88+70+6’9″
Zach LaVine84+64+6’9″
Karl Malone50+75+50+6’5″
CJ McCollum40+6’9″
Tracy McGrady84+64+6’10”
Ja Morant82+62+6’9″
Shawn Kemp70+82+55+6’10”
Shaquille O’Neal80+55+50+6’10”
Scottie Pippen80+60+6’5″
Glenn Robinson III80+60+6’9″
Ben Simmons65+75+45+6’5″
Klay Thompson55+35+6’9″
Karl-Anthony Towns75+70+40+6’10”
Russell Westbrook85+65+6’10”
Dominique Wilkins84+60+6’5″

Which of those stand out to you? Any preferences? If so, that’s perfectly splendid, as players have plenty of options depending on their build. And if you’re uncertain, experimentation is always a possibility. For now, though, these are all of the layup and dunk animation requirements in NBA 2K23.

And hey, if you’re liking what you’re seeing and want to check out even more NBA 2K23-related content, Twinfinite has got you covered—from guides like how to use 2K’s jump shot creator and how to buy and change animations—as well as countless links below.

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