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What Does the Shroud Screen Do in Halo Infinite & When Does It Come Out?


What Does the Shroud Screen Do in Halo Infinite & When Does It Come Out?

Here’s when the Shroud Screen releases in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite is currently packing a lot of content, and a lot more is coming. Recently leaked, a new piece of equipment known as the Shroud Screen will be released in Season 3, which will begin right before the start of the new year– Season 2 officially ends Nov. 7. Here’s what you need to know about the Shroud Screen in Halo Infinite.

What Is the Shroud Screen in Halo Infinite?

Essentially, the new equipment is a form of portable concealment. It is imperative to know the differences between concealment and cover.

  • Concealment is a form of information denial, it blocks your enemy’s visibility of you. When you are concealed, the enemy cannot see you; however, concealment does not stop bullets from reaching you. Think of hiding in a dense bush.
  • Cover is an obstacle, or material, that prevents ammunition from reaching you. It may or may not also conceal you. Imagine being behind bulletproof glass.

When used in-game, the Shroud Screen equipment will create a bubble-like forcefield that prevents one from seeing inside and from seeing outside. It is non-transparent but is fully penetrable and can be used tactically in a variety of ways:

  • To obscure the exact location of your teammate carrying the Oddball.
  • To force enemies to run blindly through a choke point.
  • As potential protection, if you are under heavy fire.
  • To protect powerful gun spawns.
  • To create a distraction and have the enemy shoot at nothing.

Shroud Screen Release Date

We should see the Shroud Screen hit the game in November. Since it’s slated to get added into Halo Infinite in Season 3, and Season 2 is ending on Nov. 7, we can expect to see it right after that.

Nonetheless, there are plenty more ways you can use the equipment and with time more uses will be discovered. Hopefully, you are as excited for Season 3 of Halo Infinite as the rest of the community is. Be sure to check out the rest of our Halo Infinite coverage, including our weekly challenge and reward guide, and info on the Rakshasha armor set.

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