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Top 5 Weapons That You Will Want Before Arc 3.0 Launches in Destiny 2


Top 5 Weapons That You Will Want Before Arc 3.0 Launches in Destiny 2

Arc 3.0 launches in 2 weeks in Destiny 2. Today we go over five weapons you’ll want for it.

Arc 3.0 is finally around the corner, with Season 18 arriving in just two weeks on Aug. 23. Like Solar and Void 3.0, the Arc subclass will be revamped into the new format that the Stasis subclass brought back in Beyond Light, such as giving fragments and aspects. Arc 3.0 will open the door to an abundance of new builds to make. But no build is complete without the proper weapons to go with it, so today, we will go over the Top 5 Weapons That You Will Want Before Arc 3.0 Launches in Destiny 2.

5. Sweet Sorrow

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Introduced in Season 16, Sweet Sorrow is one of the new craftable weapons brought in with the Witch Queen DLC, which you can acquire from the Helm right now. It is a 720 RPM Arc Energy Auto Rifle with a fantastic perk pool. One of the best combos you can choose is One for All, which increases weapon damage after you hit three separate targets with it for a short duration, and Stats for All, which improves weapon handling, reload speed, stability, and range for a short time after hitting three separate targets. These two perks work hand in hand, allowing for good coverage against many enemies at once.

As mentioned before, Sweet Sorrow is a craftable weapon, which means once you unlock the necessary deepsights for it, you can then craft it with any perks you want, such as the ones mentioned above. Once entirely crafted, you can begin making a build that will synergise with it, such as an elemental well build. This weapon, as well as one more which we’ll get to later on, works well as it does not use up an exotic slot, allowing you to pair it up with an exotic heavy weapon, such as Thunderlord, for example.

4. Thunderlord

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A returning Destiny 1 Exotic LMG, Thunderlord is one of the most renowned exotic weapons in franchise history. Thunderlord returned in Season 4 as a quest but has since been moved to the world loot pool, meaning you can obtain it from virtually anywhere in the game. However, your best shot at getting it would be to go to Xur on Fridays, from which he will sometimes sell it directly, or you can buy his exotic engram, which will give you an exotic you don’t already have.

LMGs got a massive buff at the beginning of Season 17, and Thunderlord thrived. It’s called Thunderlord for a reason, and with its exotic perk combination of Reign Havoc, which generates lightning strikes from above after a kill, and Lightning rounds, which allows it to fire faster and create more Lightning strikes the more prolonged the trigger is held, you can wipe an entire field of enemies out in one fell swoop.

3. Risk Runner

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One of the first exotic weapons ever revealed for Destiny 2, Risk Runner will make a grand return for Arc 3.0. It has a powerful perk combination, with the first being Arc Conductor; when taking Arc damage, this weapon becomes more powerful and resists incoming Arc Damage and kills, extending the time in this overcharged state.

Secondly, Superconductor; when Arc Conductor is active, shots fired have the chance to become chain lightning and return ammo. Risk Runner has been a staple for Exotic primaries since Destiny 2 first launched, and it will be glued to many Guardian’s energy slots when Arc 3.0 launches.

2. Forbearance

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Also introduced in Season 16, Forbearance is another craftable weapon from the Vow Of The Disciple Raid. Forbearance is a unique grenade launcher in its own right as it is a wave-frame, meaning when you shoot it, instead of a big explosion you would typically see from grenade launchers, it will instead launch a wave of arc energy at enemies.

When you combine this ability with crafted perks such as Ambitious Assassin, which overflows the magazine based on the number of rapid kills before reloading, and Chain Reaction, which makes each final blow with this weapon create an elemental damage explosion, then you’re guaranteed some powerful Arc builds to go with it.

1. Trinity Ghoul

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Last but certainly not least, revealed back in 2018 with the release of the Forsaken DLC, Trinity Ghoul was one of the first exotic bows introduced into the game. Unfortunately, it had a rough start upon its initial release as bows at the time weren’t nearly as strong as they are today. It has a unique perk combo called Split Electron, which fires an arrow that splits when released. If you aim down sights and fully draw the bow it will also decrease the spread of the shot. Then, Lightning Rod precision kills grant the next shot chain-lightning capabilities.

It wouldn’t be until mid-2020 that Trinity Ghoul would receive an Exotic Catalyst, where Lightning Rod now triggers from any Arc damage final blow. This catalyst was the buff it needed to skyrocket to being one of the best weapons in the entire game and still stands true over two years later. If any weapon will shine the brightest when Arc 3.0 launches, it’ll be Trinity Ghoul.

That’s all for now. Arc 3.0 launches when Season 18 goes live in just two weeks on Aug. 23, right after Bungie’s 2022 Destiny 2 showcase. For more related info and other Destiny 2 news, including frequent updates of what’s coming in the universe, check our related articles below.

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