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Marvel Snap Teases Possible She-Hulk Season Pass & Incoming Hell Cow Nerfs


Marvel Snap Teases Possible She-Hulk Season Pass & Incoming Hell Cow Nerfs

Here’s hoping for Daredevil, but it’s probably She-Hulk.

The season of Love and Thunder is coming to a close in a day, which means that there’s a brand new Season Pass to look forward to in Marvel Snap soon after that. Developers Second Dinner have yet to reveal the theme of the upcoming season, but Marvel Snap designer Stephen Jarrett may have just dropped some big hints in his latest tweet.

The tweet teases the best lawyer in the Marvel universe, which could very well point to Matt Murdock, AKA Daredevil. However, given that the She-Hulk TV series is set to premiere on Disney+ just a week later, it’s looking more likely that She-Hulk will be the featured card for this season instead. We could still possibly see Daredevil as a reward in the season pass, considering that he’s going to have a cameo in the She-Hulk series as well.

Only time will tell, and it’ll be exciting to see how She-Hulk fits into current deck archetypes. Her ability is that her card will cost one less for each unspent Energy last turn, which makes her a decent fit with other cards like Sunspot and Infinaut which encourage players to skip turns.

In addition to that, Jarrett also hinted that we might be seeing some nerfs to Hell Cow with the next patch. Hell Cow has proven to be a pretty vital part of the discard meta in Marvel Snap right now, allowing players to discard two cards, while being a 2-cost and 6-power card, which can be pretty insane if played correctly. The previous round of balances saw a rather massive nerf to the Kazoo meta, and it looks like discard decks will be getting hit this time.

Marvel Snap is currently in closed beta on mobile devices.

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