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Is MultiVersus Free on PS4? Answered

Is MultiVersus free on the PS4?
Source: Player First Games

Is MultiVersus Free on PS4? Answered

Here’s all you need to know about the MultiVersus on the PS4.

Player First Games has been consistently advocating MultiVersus’ free-to-play mechanics. However, fans wonder if the game is free on the PlayStation 4, primarily because it seems too good for this component to be true. So, with this in mind, we’ll provide you with an answer to this question and other purchasable options of the MultiVersus.

Is MultiVersus Free on PS4?

MultiVersus PlayStation store
Source: PlayStation Store via Twinfinite

When searching for MultiVersus on the PlayStation store, you’ll see that the game is free to download. But, a few add-ons and editions are available to purchase for more exclusive content, including Gleamium packs (the currency system.)

As for the editions of MultiVersus, there are the Founder’s Pack, Deluxe Founder’s Pack, and Premium Founder’s Pack. These special offers provide items like additional Gleamium, Character Tickets, Banners, Battle Passes, Ring Out Effects, the base game, and many more.

If you have a PlayStation Plus subscription, you’ll get the chance to download a free MVP pack that includes the Battle Reindog Variant, Dark Matter Ringout Effect, and a Waterfall Banner. Additionally, you can utilize these tools in the game’s co-op battles and the 4-Player Free For All.

Be aware that MultiVersus is currently in its Open Beta phase, so developers are working on the game as they get more feedback from players. But even though the game is in its beginning stages, fans have still enjoyed the experience of seeing multiple familiar maps and battling against their favorite characters.

Now that you know MultiVersus is free on the PS4, you can download it to start your fighting journey. While you are here, you can explore the relevant links below and view our guide on how to check the game’s server status.

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