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How to Change Battle Tactics in Xenoblade Chronicles 3


How to Change Battle Tactics in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Switch between different battle tactics to your advantage.

Xenoblade Chronicles’ third installment is here for Nintendo devices. The latest DLC possesses battle mechanics and a combat system similar to its predecessor. During the battle, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 allows players to change Battle Tactics in order to switch between different attacking combos. If you’re wondering how to change Battle Tactics in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, then we’ve got you covered with everything about it.

How to Change Battle Tactics in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

During a Xenoblade Chronicles 3 battle, you can hold down ZL on your Nintendo device and press up, left, or down on the d-pad to change battle tactics. This will bring up the “Tactics” screen in the lower left corner. Here’s what each button will perform:

  • D-Pad Up: Cycles through focusing on a single enemy and attacking whoever the AI chooses. It will guide your party members to eliminate the enemies one by one by targeting them together. This will allow you to conquer the fights without putting in any effort.
  • D-Pad Left: Cycles through prioritizing different combos like Burst or Smash Combo. It’s worth noting that some combos like Burst have some restrictions. So consider them before selecting.
  • D-Pad Down: Cycles through following the party leader in a battle or letting the AI move freely. However, when you are a Follow Leader, your allies will not attack until you press the same button again to scatter.
  • D-Pad Right: Cycles through making AI use fusion arts instead of using their arts separately. However, the only demerit is that the Chain Attack is fairly difficult to perform as the activation of Arts becomes slower.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you in your quest to change Battle Tactics in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Before you go, you can check out more information about the game by looking at the relevant links below and exploring any of our guides, including a preview, details about preload times and install size, and DLC content.

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