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Top 10 Best Hallway Fight Scenes in TV and Movies


Top 10 Best Hallway Fight Scenes in TV and Movies

Determining what the 10 best hallway fight scenes are in movies and TV shows.

Hallway fight scenes have left a surprising mark in cinema. It’s rather cathartic to watch someone you’re rooting for stare down multiple opponents, who are all funneled into a single, narrow passageway that the protagonist has to push through.

It isn’t just fun to watch, but a great way of showing the viewer the strength of the character. It comes off cliché sometimes, but when it’s done right, they might make their way to the 10 best hallway fight scenes in TV and movies.

Best Hallway Fight Scenes in TV and Movies


Image Source: FOX

The hallway fight scene in Season 3, Episode 13 of Lucifer isn’t the most bombastic and action-packed. In fact, only a few baddies even show up to tussle with Lucifer. The entire scene is still fun, comical, and entertaining nonetheless.

Lucifer decides to confront Brandon Hong, a drug dealer selling KPop, just after being told by Chloe that’s not how you handle these situations. What makes this scene so great is a combination of Lucifer’s jolly amusement as he disarms multiple thugs with such minimal effort.

Best Hallway Fight Scenes in TV and Movies


Image Source: Marvel Television

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Daredevil’s hallway fight scene in Season 1, Episode 2. It’s dirty, dark, visceral, and surprisingly hopeful. This is a pivotal moment that marks Matt Murdock becoming Daredevil.

The scene starts off slow, quiet. Matt Murdock takes his time entering the establishment before slamming into a nearby door and assaulting the armed men inside. The entire scene is three minutes of what’s essentially a backstreet brawl contained in a hallway. And the best part? It’s one long take, uninterrupted.

Best Hallway Fight Scenes in TV and Movies

The Matrix

Image Source: Warner Bros.

The Matrix doesn’t just have one, but two of the best hallway fight scenes in TV and movies. One is pure adrenaline, while the other stands as an important character moment for Neo, just as Daredevil’s hallway fight scene does for Matt Murdock.

The first scene includes Neo and Trinity. Morpheus was captured by Agent Smith, so they band together to save him. As they step into the narrow lobby, what follows is oodles of gun-fu, acrobatics, bullets, and lots of shrapnel.

The other scene is near the end when Neo fights Agent Smith. Neo is shot several times and is seemingly dead. After Trinity confesses her love for Neo, along with a kiss, Neo awakens to become the One. With his newfound powers, he stops bullets mid-flight, overpowers Agent Smith, and destroys him from within.

Best Hallway Fight Scenes in TV and Movies

What We Do in the Shadows

Image Source: Madman Entertainment

What We Do in the Shadows provides a wildly different take on the hallway fight scene. Of course, this being a horror comedy, it isn’t taken seriously in the slightest.

Nick, a fledgling vampire, is being reprimanded for bringing a vampire hunter home. Deacon, another member of the home, tussles with Nick over his carelessness. They toss each other about, flying into the walls and ceiling and eventually catching the attention of the police. Luckily, the police don’t seem very concerned about the two floating vampires, only that they should think twice before having BBQs inside.

Best Hallway Fight Scenes in TV and Movies


Image Source: Warner Bros.

Throughout Inception, the audience is told on several occasions how the real world can affect a person’s dream. The implications of this are best exemplified in the hallway fight scene featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character, Arthur.

In an effort to retrieve information, Arthur comes face to face with their target’s subconscious in the form of armed guards. Meanwhile, the van that Arthur is sleeping in flips, wheel over wheel, causing the dream itself to spin as well. What’s most impressive is that a spinning hallway was built for the scene rather than through the use of CGI.

Best Hallway Fight Scenes in TV and Movies

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Image Source: Skydance

Up until this point, Sarah Conner has been held inside a mental institution. You would be too if you witnessed what she saw. Her fear of Judgment Day is at an all-time high when, in her attempt to escape, she runs face first into an even greater fear of hers: the Terminator.

We know, as the audience, that he’s there to help. But put yourself in her shoes for a moment. It doesn’t help that Arnold Schwarzenegger is such an imposing figure, to begin with. What’s arguably the best part of the scene is Linda Hamilton’s performance, the sheer terror of the moment. Sarah Conner would rather run back to her prison than be face to face with the Terminator.

Best Hallway Fight Scenes in TV and Movies

The Witcher

Image Source: Stillking Films

In Season 1, Episode 3 of The Witcher, we get to really see just how resourceful and well-trained witchers are, especially Geralt of Rivia. In this particular hallway fight scene, Geralt takes on a Striga, a disgusting creature that’s the result of a curse.

It’s the perfect scene that showcases many of the tools and abilities witchers use to defeat and hunt monsters. Despite Geralt’s expertise with weapons and signs, the scene is a better example of Geralt’s character. Most witchers would sooner kill monsters outright, but not Geralt. He would rather risk his life lifting a curse if it meant that person gets to walk away alive.

Best Hallway Fight Scenes in TV and Movies

John Wick: Chapter 3

Image Source: Thunder Road Pictures

One of the more gruesome hallway fight scenes in TV and movies is the knife fight in John Wick: Chapter 3. It’s bloody and brutal, with a dash of comedy. The genius of this scene is watching it and knowing that the environment is going to be used in some way.

In the scene, John Wick is brawling with assassins using nothing but his fists. But then you start to notice all the weapons and knives on display. You’re waiting, on the edge of your seat, for John to notice them as well. Arguably the best part of the scene is the use of several long takes, rather than a series of fast-moving transitions that hide the action. You see every single ruthless move John makes.

Best Hallway Fight Scenes in TV and Movies


old boy hallway
Images Source: Show East

The Korean masterpiece, Oldboy, has a special place amongst cinephiles. Not only is it a great film, but the hallway fight scene is also full of tension, realism, and grittiness. It also marks a moment of triumph for Oh Dae-Su, the main protagonist.

In the scene, it’s just him in a narrow hallway full of thugs. All he has is a hammer, which he wields to great effect. As the scene unfolds, he stumbles and falls, making you wonder if he’ll make it. After one long, uncut struggle, he makes it to the other side, bloodied but victorious.

Best Hallway Fight Scenes in TV and Movies

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Image Source: Lucasfilm/Disney

Seeing Darth Vader appear in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was a powerful moment. Not only was Darth Vader used in just the right amount, but it also gave birth to one of the best hallway fight scenes in TV and movie history.

Rebels have just stolen the plans to the Death Star but are quickly boarded by an unknown entity. Nothing can be seen or heard but the sound of an alarm and someone’s breathing apparatus. Darth Vader has arrived. The corridor is immediately lit by his dark red lightsaber. What unfolds is a horrifying display of the dark side of the Force.

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