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How to Get a Blanket for Elliot in Stray


How to Get a Blanket for Elliot in Stray

You’ll need to get a blanket for Elliott to advance your adventure in Stray. Here’s how to get it!

You need Elliot’s help to get out of the Slums and escape the city, but before he can assist you, you’ll need to warm him up. That means you’ll need to know how to get a blanket in Stray, but the process of doing so requires you to get an electrical cable for a grandma, and some Super Spirit Detergent in order to get said cable.

Stray Blanket Location for Elliot

You can get a blanket by visiting the grandma in the Slums who knits ponchos and coats. When you talk to her, she’ll make a comment about loving knitting and that she’s knitted nearly 478 miles of scarves.

stray blanket location from grandma
Image Credit: BlueTwelve Studio via Twinfinite

In order to have her knit the blanket for Elliot, you’ll need to give her an Electrical Cable, this can be purchased from the Barter Man for the Super Spirit Detergent, which itself is obtained from the Super Spirit Laundromat.

To get inside the Laundromat, you’ll need to head onto the roof and meow at the clumsy companion handling paint cans. Doing so will cause him to drop one onto the ground right outside the front door of the laundromat, which will cause the owner to open the door and start cleaning.

While he’s mopping up the mess you’ve created, skulk your way inside and grab the Super Spirit Detergent from atop one of the machines.

Image Credit: BlueTwelve Studio via Twinfinite

Exchange the detergent for the electrical cable, and then take the cable over to the grandma and she’ll give you the blanket for Elliot. Now you can return to Elliot, hand him the blanket and he will now be warm enough to continue his work to help you on your way.

That’s everything you need to know about the Stray Blanket location. You can read our full thoughts on the game in our Stray review, or see how long Stray takes to beat and how many chapters there are. For everything else on the game, check out the links below.

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