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How to Fix the Broken Tracker in Stray

How to Fix the Broken Tracker in Stray

How to Fix the Broken Tracker in Stray

Fixing broken things made easy.

As part of the main story of Stray, you will eventually find yourself in possession of a Broken Tracker. However, getting it fixed is not going to be a straightforward task. Here’s how to fix the Broken Tracker in Stray so you can continue on your feline adventure.

How to Fix Stray Broken Tracker

As we mentioned, there are several steps to get this thing in working condition again, so follow these steps:

  1. Get the Super Spirit Detergent.

    The first step is to get our paws on this important item, which can be found in Super Spirit Laundry. Our guide on how to get Super Spirit Detergent will help you to distract Vapora enough and get the door opened so you can get the item.

    Stray Super Spirit Detergent

  2. Get the Electrical Cable.

    Next up, head to the open area nearby and talk to Azooz the merchant. Trade the Super Spirit Detergent to get the Electric Cable.

    Stray Electric Cable

  3. Obtain the blanket.

    Following that, we will need to stop by Grandma’s Clothing to get the Poncho. Head to the alley southwest of the open area, and trade her the Electric Cable for the blanket.

    Stray Poncho

  4. Gift Elliot the blanket and fix the Broken Tracker.

    The final stop is just south of Grandma’s Clothing, where you will find a door with some blueprints on it. Scratch on the door, and then head on through to the second floor to find Elliot. Pass him the blanket, and he will fix the Broken Tracker for you.

    Stray Elliot

Now that you have gotten the device fixed, you can continue on your main adventure in Stray through the Slums.

And there you have it, all you need to know about how to fix the Broken Tracker in Stray. You can check out other guides related to the game, including the location of all the Notebooks, how to dunk the basketball, and how to get Energy Drink Cans. For everything else, please search Twinfinite.

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