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Is FIFA 23 Crossplay? Answered

FIFA 23 Crossplay

Is FIFA 23 Crossplay? Answered

Connecting more players together for the Beautiful Game.

When it comes to sports video games, there will always be a need for friends and families to come together and compete to see who comes out on top. However, as with the changing of console generations, not everyone has had the chance to play together, especially online. If you are wondering if FIFA 23 will have crossplay functionality, then you are in the right spot to find out.

FIFA 23 Crossplay Explained

The good news is that there will indeed be crossplay support in FIFA 23, however, it does come with some conditions attached. First of all, only players of the same console generation can play together. That means PS5 players will get to play with their mates on Xbox Series X|S or PC via Stadia, while PS4 players will have their own side of the pitch with Xbox One players.

This improvement also sees the Stadia version of the game finally achieving parity with the current generation consoles, allowing it to have the same engine and joining the same ecosystem to create an even more connected world in FIFA 23.

It’s also worth noting that FIFA 23 crossplay will only be a thing in 1v1 modes, such as Ultimate Team, or Online Seasons. For now, it looks like Pro Clubs will not be included in the cross-platform play fun.

With the knowledge that FIFA 23 will support crossplay, you can start rounding up your soccer/football buddies to plan some games. However, that is not all, you could try your hand at full-fledged women club teams and leagues, or attempt to take home the biggest prize with the World Cup Qatar 2022 & Women’s World Cup 2023 content. For everything else, please search Twinfinite.

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