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Best IV for Gym Raids in Pokemon GO

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Best IV for Gym Raids in Pokemon GO

The best IV to have when participating in gym raids in Pokemon GO.

When you come across a gym raid in Pokemon GO, it’s generally understood you bring your best Pokemon. The raid boss you’re facing off against is going to be tough, not only dealing a lot of damage but also having a large health bar and high defense. Considering all that, you should have a Pokemon with a type advantage and the best IV for gym raids in Pokemon GO.

Best IV for Gym Raids in Pokemon GO

IVs in Pokemon GO determine how strong a particular Pokemon is. If you capture two of the same species, it’s unlikely they will perform identically. IVs are split into three categories:

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • HP

In the case of gym raids, which is PVE content, you want Pokemon to have a very high Attack IV. Anything close to or at 15 Attack is golden; Defense and HP are secondary. You certainly don’t want either being too low, so anything above an 8 or 10 should be good enough. Also, stick to using 3-star Pokemon. In order of priority: Type advantage > High Attack IV > 3-Star Stamp > Defense and HP.

While IVs do play an important role in gym raids, what matters most is having a counter. Even a Pokemon with decent IVs can do incredible damage if it’s using a move that is super-effective against the raid boss.

With all that said and done, you should understand what the best IV for gym raids in Pokemon GO are. If you’re experiencing login errors, give our guide on fixing the Pokemon GO Facebook login error a read or improve your knowledge of the game by learning how to battle another trainer with your buddy.

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