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What Is Life Energy in Lost Ark? Answered

life energy lost ark

What Is Life Energy in Lost Ark? Answered

What Life Energy is in Lost Ark and how it works.

Lost Ark has a myriad of game mechanics, just as any MMO does. It isn’t just about leveling up and learning abilities; you can also improve Trade Skills. In order to train your Trade Skills, you’ll have to gather resources. Unfortunately, the ability to harvest resources is limited by your Life Energy. Here’s what Life Energy is in Lost Ark.

Just a small note: Lost Ark will sometimes refer to Life Energy as Work Energy and vice versa. Both terms mean the same thing.

What is Life Energy in Lost Ark? Answered

Whenever you find a mining node or fishing spot in Lost Ark and harvest the resources from it, you spend Life Energy. It’s a limited pool, just like health or mana. Once it’s depleted, you cannot gather resources anymore until your Life Energy regenerates.

Any time you’re foraging, logging, mining, hunting, fishing, or excavating, Life Energy will be spent. Each trade skill requires varying degrees of Life Energy.

  • Foraging: 30 Life Energy
  • Logging: 60 Life Energy
  • Mining: 30 Life Energy
  • Hunting: 84 Life Energy
  • Fishing: 44 Life Energy
  • Excavating: 62 Life Energy

Every player is given 10,000 Life Energy to start. If you want more, you’ll have to improve your Roster Level. Also, keep in mind that your Life Energy is shared amongst every character you have on a single server.

How to Restore Life Energy

Image Source: Tripod Studios

Normally, you can simply wait for your Life Energy to fill back up. You’ll regain 30 Life Energy every 10 minutes. However, you can also purchase consumables that fill significant portions of the Life Energy by spending Royal Crystals in Lost Ark’s in-game shop and occasionally from quests. Just like any consumable in the game, you can right-click on one to use it.

Consumables that restore Life Energy:

  • Minor Life Energy Potions
  • Dusky Work Energy Elixirs
  • Basic Life Energy Potions
  • Leap’s Essence
  • Major Life Energy Potions

And that wraps up what Life Energy is in Lost Ark. An effective way to spend your Life Energy is to park your characters in resource-heavy areas, so knowing where the best places to level up foraging, for example, is valuable.

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