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Minecraft: How to Play Skyblock on Xbox One

Minecraft: How to Play Skyblock on Xbox One

Minecraft: How to Play Skyblock on Xbox One

Survive up high in the sky!

Skyblock is a survival map where players must live on a floating island. It’s been years since the original launched and now, there are variations upon variations of this popular Creative Mode gameplay style. If you’re curious to give this challenge a go on your Xbox One, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to play Skyblock on Xbox One in Minecraft.

How to Play Skyblock on Xbox One

To play Skyblock, you can either build your own map, which will take some time or, thanks to the power of the Xbox Marketplace and mods online, simply download one. Before diving into how to do that, let’s talk about what Skyblock is.

What Skyblock Is

As we said above, it’s a survival map where players are tasked with striving on a floating island. Your goal is to expand the island, create more materials and food, and continue to survive.

At its core, Skyblock is an island made of 26 blocks of dirt, an oak tree, one lava bucket, one block of ice and one chest. You must use these materials to expand your island to make survival easier.

Minecraft: How to Play Skyblock on Xbox One

While doing so, you’re encouraged to follow the basic rules:

  • Do not use any cheats, duh
  • Play on the Easy difficulty or any difficulty that’s harder
  • Do not jump off the island for health
  • Do not make a bridge to the main biome area

Now that you know what Skyblock is, let’s talk about how to play it on your Xbox One.

How to Play on Your Xbox One

The first way to obtain a Skyblock map on Xbox One is through the Minecraft Marketplace, of which there are a few paid ones. Simply search for Skyblock and pick one that fits your fancy — expect to pay though.

If you don’t want to pay for a map, you don’t need to. Go to this Minecraft Xbox One map website where a number of Skyblock survival maps can be found.  On this page, at the bottom, there is a download link for the map that says, “Download Skyblock 2017 Survival Map Here.”

If you don’t want to download that one, go to the search bar and search for Skyblock to receive a number of links to free Skyblock maps.

If you download a map from a website, you’ll need to save it onto a flash drive that you can then insert into your Xbox One. Transfer the file from the flash drive to your Xbox One, open up Minecraft and you should spot the Skyblock map in your list of Creative maps.

It’s also worth noting that you can go ahead and download the Skyblock survival map via the Microsoft Edge browser on your Xbox One. The files will be downloaded directly onto your console’s storage, which you can then access in the same way as mentioned above.

That’s it for our guide on how to play Skyblock on Xbox One.

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