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Is Diablo Immortal Pay to Win?

Diablo Immortal

Is Diablo Immortal Pay to Win?

Does Diablo Immortal have pay-to-win options available?

The new release of Diablo Immortal has been bringing new and original fans to this mobile/PC game. With so much news and updates, players have many questions about Blizzard Entertainment’s latest arrival. Most importantly, is Diablo Immortal pay to win? Find out what you can expect before you start the storyline.

Diablo Immortal’s Pay to Win Mechanics

Even if Diablo Immortal is free for all users, the game has pay-to-win features. The purchase options of Crests, Battle Passes, and bundles can advance players’ armor and stats faster. You can still progress through the story without microtransactions, but it may take longer to level up and battle through certain stages.

When players finish the story’s content, the main objective is to enhance their overall abilities. With this in mind, the purchase of Legendary Gems can significantly boost your skills in Diablo Immortal. However, players have issued concerns about these items in the Closed Beta since you can’t transfer them to other users.

It’s worth noting that these Legendary Gems can provide a significant boost to your character’s power, and obtaining them is incredibly difficult if you’re not purchasing Legendary Crests from the store. Legendary Crests will guarantee you a Legendary Gem drop when you attempt an Elder Rift, and to make matters worse, the Gems you get have star ratings as well. In order to level them up to max them out, you’ll need to feed other Legendary Gems into the ones you like to power them up.

With how difficult it is to get Legendary Gems as a free-to-play player, a player who spends money on the game could potentially put themselves months ahead of the curve.

Seasonal rewards are also available to get unique items and gear, while Battle Passes offer Cosmetics to customize your character. If you want free content, don’t worry, there are Diablo Immortal codes to collect gold and other items. You can also level up faster with your friends and family through the co-op multiplayer.

Now that you know Diablo Immortal has pay-to-win elements, you can view the store in-game to see your options. Players who don’t want to go through microtransactions will still be able to participate in the game, nonetheless. For a quick tip of the game, you can view this guide on how to earn gold fast.

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