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How to Add Gem Sockets to Armor & Weapons in New World

New World

How to Add Gem Sockets to Armor & Weapons in New World

Farm gems in New World to be a chief hunter.

As with most other RPGs, New World allows you to upgrade your weapons and gears to combat your enemies effectively. Players can increase the potential of any weapon, armor, or tool in New World by placing gems into their gear sockets. Therefore, every player should be aware of how to add gem sockets to armor and weapons in New World to get the most out of them. So without further delay, let’s dive into the details.

New World – How to Add Gem Sockets to Armor & Weapons

How to Add Gem Sockets to Armor & Weapons in New World
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If you have a vacant gem slot in your weapon or armor and an item with it, you will need gems to proceed. While there are many ways to find them in the game, one of the most effective ways is crafting in town using the stonecutter. To craft Gems in New World, you will require motes that you can easily find all over the game world. After that, these gems can be placed into your weapon or armor’s gear socket to provide them a buff.

It’s worth noting that your weapon or armor may not have the gem socket. As per New World’s mechanics, the gear you create will not always include gem sockets as it’s primarily based on your Crafting skill level. If you have a higher crafting skill, your gear is more likely to boast one or more gem sockets.

Besides this, players with a lower crafting skill can increase the odds of having gem sockets by using an item called Gem Setting Pin. Before you start forging gear in New World, you can stick a special item like a Gem Setting Pin in the slot, which will increase the chances of a gem socket appearing on the weapon or armor. You’ll need 300 Faction Reputation and 100 Gold Pieces to purchase one Gem Setting Pin.

To skip this process, you can directly purchase gear with gem sockets through the Trading Post. If you’re lucky enough, someone will list a sell order for what you’re looking for.

And that’s all you need to know about adding gem sockets to armor & weapons in New World. Be sure to check out our guide wiki for more tips, tricks, and information about the game.

Featured Image Source: Amazon Games

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