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Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Expeditions Guide: All Locations, Questions & Answers, & More

fire emblem warriors: three hopes

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Expeditions Guide: All Locations, Questions & Answers, & More

Time for some platonic mini dates.

Expeditions are one of the main features in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes that will allow you to raise your support rank with various characters. It’s pretty similar to the Tea Time feature from Three Houses, but there are more locations for you to unlock as well. Here’s a full Expeditions guide for Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, where we’ll break down all the locations you can unlock, and what kind of rewards you get.

Unlocking Expeditions in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes

Expeditions will become available to you pretty early on in the game, once you get past the first four chapters. There are a total of four Expedition locations in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, and we’ve listed them below:

  • Plains
  • Forest
  • Mountains
  • Waterfront

The locations really just serve as different cosmetic backdrops for your mini dates, and don’t have too much of an impact on your conversations, so feel free to choose whichever you like most. You’ll also unlock more locations as you upgrade the Recreation Quarter, and the material requirements will increase as you unlock each one.

There’s no need to stress out about it, though, as you’ll naturally get the materials to upgrade everything as you progress through the chapters and clear out every side battle.

How to Ask a Character Out on an Expedition

Before you can take a character on an Expedition, you’ll first need to reach C rank support with them. This can be done easily just by doing chores together, sharing meals together, or by embarking on battles together. Once you’ve unlocked the C rank conversation, you’ll be able to start inviting them out on Expeditions.

starting an expedition in fire emblem warriors: three hopes

While at camp, just speak with the character in question and choose the Expedition option. Do note that this will consume one Activity Point, and these are refreshed in between chapters. Whenever a character wants to go on an Expedition with you, the game will also notify you with a prompt on the left side of the screen.

Expedition Rewards

There aren’t exactly any crazy rewards you get for going on Expeditions, but they do serve as a nice boost to your support rank with a character. So if you’re trying to reach A rank with a character quickly, your best bet would be to spam Expeditions with them whenever possible, and give them as many gifts as you can afford.

starting a conversation in fire emblem warriors: three hopes

On each Expedition, you’ll have the chance to strike up conversation three times. Getting all your responses wrong or getting only one correct will give you a small boost, getting two responses correct gives you a medium boost, while getting all three correct gives you a large boost.

All Expedition Question and Answers

Listed below are all of the questions and prompts you can get from each character in the game, along with the correct answer to help keep things moving forward. Big shoutout to Game8 and Attack of the Fanboy, both of which we’ve referenced while putting together our guide.


I dislike convention. I can’t stand missing a good opportunity simply because I’m not supposed to.Share your thoughts.
Have I told you about the boy who gave me the dagger? I called him Dee, which is all I really remember about him.Be envious.
I don’t object to swords or magic, but an axe has always felt most natural in my hand. I’m not sure why.Ask for more details
The sun is so warm on my skin. I see why people pine for it so.Say you’re one of those people.
Do you ever wish you could be completely and utterly alone? It is a daily dream for me.Express concern for her.


Ah, I have one. Do you remember when we first met and I thought, “Great, another worthless scoundrel?”Sympathize.
Why be choosy? All that matters is that the enemy is dead and you continue to draw breath.Smile.
I would classify you as a threat, frankly. So do not expect me to take my eyes off you anytime soon.Extend a challenge.
You always seem to be enjoying yourself. Not to say that I am miserable of course.Reply that it goes without saying.
You do love inviting me on excursions. You must be quite fond of them, or me.Laugh.


Oh, I enjoy tea, horseback riding, collecting weapons, mountain vistas… the usual noble pursuits.Applaud that.
You have placed me in quite a position! Well, if you must know, I dream of steering the Empire in a better direction for the future.Promise your support.
My mother is in terrible spirits after what befell my father, and I fear her health was poor to begin with.Give him a pep talk.
Your horse is so well-behaved. You must have something of a gift with animals.Smile and say it’s a special bond.
Fodlan’s nobility face a crisis, and I consider it my sacred duty to see us through it.Ask if there’s anything you can do.


I mildly resent the implication that I’m into fighting, but I suppose I would have to say magic.Be impressed.
I enjoy our time together. What about you?Smile.
I count myself blessed to be among such diligent friends, though I could certainly do without all of this warfare.Act dependable.
I’m glad I don’t have to take over for my father… I’m not exactly what most people consider “lord material”.Say he’s in his element right now.
This alone time is fun… Invite the whole team.Suggest you’ll do just that tomorrow.


Eh, I’m getting by. But if you’d asked the old me, I would’ve given you some nonsense about how things had never been better.Commend that.
Fighting, obviously. Oh, but it’s not like I throw a punch at whoever happens to walk by or anything.Laugh.
You? Yeah you’re all right. Where’d this come from? Blush.


Oh there are tons of things I like! Embroidery, reading, painting…Be envious.
I’m all about safety first, so just give me a bow and plenty of space and I’m set.Sympathize.
Um, scary people, I guess? They can stay far, far, far away from me.Console.
My mother and I used to go on trips just like this.Ask about memories of her mother.
What a great view. I should bring paints with me next time.Reassure her that you won’t watch.


I was fortunate to be invited into the opera company, where I got to sing, dance, and wear the latest finery.Smile and nod.
Well I’d love a steady income, a roguishly handsome husband or a beautiful wife, a warm household… Hey, are you listening?Offer encouragement.
I hear the opera company is doing what they can to lift people’s spirits in these dark times.Say you want to help somehow.
Would you cry if something happened to me? I’m curious.Declare that you wouldn’t let her die.
Not great. Life has been one battle after another, and it’s all rather depressing to think about.Act dependable.


Question Answer
I like climbing trees, but it is not a thing done by people in Fodlan.Express admiration.
Now that I have adjusted to Fodlan pillows, I am fine.Laugh.
I have grandparents, and a little brother and sister. But everyone on the isles is like family, so I have family of much largeness.Be envious.
We have no horses in Brigid, so riding is still a thing of much newness to me.Ask what they use instead of horses.
We should be training here in secret and give our friends much surprise.Eagerly suggest you shock them all.


Seeing everyone rally around Her Majesty and her cause is enough to move me to tears.Be pleased.
You’re a mercenary who has earned Her Majesty’s respect. You are nothing more to me than that, and nothing less.Be dispirited.
I mostly like to read books and perform research. Knowledge is a powerful weapon, y’know!Get competitive over it.
If Her Majesty wills it, I want to annihilate those who slither in the dark.Say you need to learn the truth first.
I remember every single word you’ve said when you first burst in to save me.Say you’re glad she’s all right.


Fight to the death… Also sweets.Give a wordless nod.
I detest alcohol and parties.Sympathize.
I fight as I see fit. Nothing more.Simply listen.
This bores me. I only find delight in battle.Volunteer to spar with him.
I am as wary of you as the maggots are. But I don’t sense that you intend me harm.Nod.


Hm, what do you think the answer is?State your thoughts.
I’ve had much on my mind of late. The funding for our war effort is a particularly pressing concern.State your thoughts.
The future, eh? I suppose I’ll have to think about it. All my dreams at the moment pertain to the present.Nod.
I’m not very comfortable around children.Help him think of things he can try.
Consider the terrain we’re in.Say it depends on the situation.


I thought of a new dish using vegetables from around here. You’ll have to try it later.Be pleased.
I can no longer recall my parents’ voices, nor my sister’s. So much time has passed since that day.Let that sink in for a moment.
Duscur is a land of fishermen.Suggest you take a boat next time.
I’ll restore Duscur to its former glory.Offer to help.
When I was young, I always thought I’d become a blacksmith like my father.Be shocked.


I’ve got nothing but appreciation for my mother and my uncle. They’ve taken on all of my duties while I’m out fighting this war.Commend that.
I’ve got a lot on my mind, but I’d rather that than be sitting bored in my room.Offer to help.
Your unit is impressive. I’d like to watch you train sometime.Be pleased.
They say you can’t fight a war on an empty stomach.Say that’s for the next war council.
Gautier territory is famous across Fodlan.Suggest you think it over together.


My siblings back home depend on me for support. That reminds me, I still need to send them some money for the month.Express admiration.
They say Albinea’s even colder than Faerghus or the Sreng region to the north. I can’t imagine what that’s like.Picture it in my mind.
I don’t like it when people lie to me. Of course, I can’t stand when I lie to myself either.Sympathize.
Lonato taught me so much. I couldn’t een read before I ended up at Castle Gaspard.Say you’ll be his teacher now.


I’m not sure it’s bothering me exactly, but it’s hard watching your friends work themselves to the bone.Sympathize.
I’ve got my ideas, but there’s still plenty to do in the present before I can start thinking about the future.Ask for more details.
All I can ask is that you keep helping His Majesty. He needs all the support he can get.Nod emphatically.


My brother has quite the sweet tooth. I’m sure he gets it from our mother.Laugh.
Hmm I do like to bake. I always end up making far more than any one person could eat, though.Show interest.
I’m not sure how, but I want to help people in need. A little cliched, isn’t it?Promise your support.
I hope I can go shopping again soon. There are so many things I want!Invite her to go into town sometime.


I was cooking the other day and accidentally dumped in way too much honey. You couldn’t even tell what I was trying to make anymore.Give advice.
I remember how proud my father looked the first time I ever used magic. That’s what made me want to keep learning.Smile.
Hm, there are a lot of things I want to try. Ooh, maybe I could be a magic teacher.Offer encouragement.


I have always dreamt of being a knight, but now I know it will never be.Act encouraging.
I realized recently that I’m not cut out for desk work. But then what will I do in peace time?Give advice.
You’ve won countless battles in support of His Majesty. Your name is known far and wide across the Kingdom.Be thrilled.


I only hope you’ll continue to let me assess the extent of your power.Vow to fight hard.
In my prime, I always used to love engaging the enemy face to face, but as the years pass, I’ve begun to understand the joys of barking orders from the rear.Show that you understand.
I’ve made efforts to learn some more of Duscur’s language of late. Once I’ve mastered that, I’ll move on to the tongue of the Sreng region.Show interest.
In our Kingdom, a rigorous procedure must be followed before one can implement sweeping change.Think about what you can do.


I admit, your power intrigues me. But that’s all. I haven’t formulated any theories yet.Express gratitude.
My mother’s quite the formidable woman. Even more so than Judith, if you can believe it.Speculate.
I have a hard time trusting other people, but I trust you and all our friends from the bottom of my heart. I mean that.Act dependable.
A lot of people think of foreigners as subhuman.Say it’s what’s inside that counts.
Everyone’s got at least one or two secrets.Say that ignorance can bring disaster.


I don’t like the cold, but being hot is way worse. I can’t stand getting all sweaty and gross.Sympathize.
You’re not the type to sweat the little things, are you? Me neither. I think that’s why we get along.Shrug.
I’m so glad I’m not an heir.Say that’s not the point.
A lot of people act differently towards me.Ask if you acted differently too.
I used to play with my brother and Baltie a lot. I wasn’t afraid of anything when they were around. Not even monsters.Be impressed.


I want to work for the sake of Leicester and all of Fodlan, and to be remembered in the annals of history.Express admiration.
I am proud of my father and aspire to be like him, but that does not means I will tread the same path.Be impressed.
While there are not many things I dislike, I cannot say I am fond of insects. I detest their squirmy legs.Act dependable.
Gloucester has many beautiful sights as well. I would love for you to see it someday.Say you’re looking forward to it.


I like meat, especially when I can share it with friends.Sympathize.
Things aren’t going so well. I’ve been too busy to get some good training in.Offer encouragement.
Meals always taste better when you share them with friends.Reach out and commiserate.
Big cities aren’t the only places with great food.Ask if food is their main draw.
I’m not so great at using my head, but I’m pretty handy at muscle stuff.Declare that you won’t be outdone.


It might not seem this way, but I honestly don’t have that many worries. I’m usually prepared for the worst.Express admiration.
An acquaintance of mine once complimented my art. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so happy.Smile.
I’m not sure. Right now, I like imagining how things will be once the war is over and there’s nothing tying me down.Be shocked.
It’s important to be mindful of tableware.Ask for advice on the right tableware.


As long as my parents can live out the rest of their years in peace, then I’ll be fine with whatever happens.Act dependable.
I like canopies. Yes, tree canopies are just so lush, don’t you agree?Be shocked.
You don’t bear a Crest, right? I wonder who you really are.Look confused.
I haev a tendency to think I’m always right. It’s a difficult habit to break.Praise her for being so self-aware.


Recently, Dorte –he’s one of the horses– has been in a bad mood. I wonder if he’s tired.Act dependable.
My adoptive father is known as Leicester’s greatest orator, but I’m the complete opposite.Offer encouragement.
My adoptive father has expectations for me, but honestly, I’m useless.Smile.
Do you ever wish you could just throw everything away and escape to another world?Ask if she wants to escape together.


I wanna be a first-rate mercenary with a cool-sounding nickname someday.Reassure her.
I guess I’m worried that I haven’t made a name for myself as a mercenary yet.Commend that.
People don’t need Crests to be strong. I’m never gonna use my lack of a Crest as an excuse for anything.Say that other stuff counts more.
I liked living in my village. Back then, I didn’t even realize how poor my family was.Ask for more details.


It’d be pretty great if you came from outside Fodlan too. Of course, there’s no evidence of that.Laugh and agree that would be neat.
I’ve spent seven years in Fodlan. Can’t believe it’s been that long.Ask her where she’ll go next.
I don’t feel like we have to talk. I’m good with silence.Say you talk because you want to.
The constant battles make times like this precious.Be happy to hear that from her.

That’s all you need to know about how Expeditions work in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Be sure to check out the rest of our coverage on the game, or check out the links below for more relevant info.

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