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Ghostwire Tokyo: How to Aim & Lock-On to Enemies


Ghostwire Tokyo: How to Aim & Lock-On to Enemies

While your main weapon of choice in Ghostwire Tokyo may come in the form of Ethereal Weaving — a.k.a some wild hand gesturing resulting in some supernatural attacks — that doesn’t mean you can’t lock-on to your enemies and aim at them with a little more precision. It’s particularly useful when using your ’Wind’ attack to make sure you actually land your hit, and in this guide, we’ll talk you through how to do just that.


Aiming is done by pressing and holding L2, and can be done whether you’re using Ethereal Weaving or other weapons. However, just because you’ve then lined up your on-screen reticle with an enemy, doesn’t mean that you’re locked-on.

Locking-On to Enemies in Ghostwire Tokyo

Locking-on to an enemy requires you to be within a certain range of them. You’ll know when you’re locked-on when you see a small red dot in the middle of the reticle when you’re aiming at an enemy.

When this happens, you’re then free to get shooting or throwing them hands to summon up some supernatural pain on those spirits.

If you let go of L2, the lock-on will kind of float off. It’s more of a soft lock-on here, rather than keeping you entirely focused on the enemy until they die, or you otherwise shift your focus elsewhere.

Why You Should Lock-On to Enemies

It’s particularly helpful because the aiming and radius for your ’Wind’ attack are pretty loose and floaty, and as such, trying to attack enemies without locking on with this Ethereal Weaving move is pretty much pointless.

The aiming and radius are better with the Fire and Water elemental attacks, but even then, locking-on almost guarantees a hit, so you’re better off using it whenever you can in most cases.

Just like that, you’ve got everything you need to know on locking-on in Ghostwire Tokyo. For more guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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